Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 06 Mar 2020


Why is it that only women do the household work?

[Reply to a question by Tinku K]  Swami replied: Women are far cleverer than men. So, they chose to do household duties which involve a lot of physical exercise, throughout the day. As a result, they do not put on weight. They remain beautiful and in perfect health, which is necessary for worldly enjoyment. Men are egoistic and wherever there is ego, the brain becomes incapable of doing sharp analysis. Men may exercise at specific times, but exercising throughout the day is only possible when one is involved in household duties. Women have the additional responsibility of delivering babies for which they must have a very healthy body. But modern scientific development is causing damage to women by providing appliances like the gas-stove, mixer, washing machine etc. Promising convenience and a better lifestyle, such scientific development is spoiling the health of women. We should see both the positive and negative sides of scientific development. Scientific development is also damaging nature in many ways such as by causing pollution. Interestingly, nature too is treated to be feminine (prakṛti), while God is treated to be masculine (Puruṣa).

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