Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Mar 2020


Will an atheistic innovator be granted human rebirth? If not, how will his desire to innovate be fulfilled?

Shri Bharath Krishna asked: This question is related to the life of an innovator. An innovator enjoys his thought-process which produces new ideas, which is what motivates him to create or discover something. But discovery or innovation requires an advanced intellect and only a human being has that kind of intellect. I have also learned that the only true purpose of a human being is to use all his abilities in finding God. If a human being spends his entire life in innovating things without ever bothering to learn about God, will he be granted another human birth? I am asking this question because unless he gets a human birth, his desire to innovate will not get fulfilled.

Swami replied: Why should the innovator who innovates things in some field of worldly knowledge, be given a human rebirth? He did not spend even a minute to know about God! His innovation requires a deep interest in the worldly subject, which the innovator has developed. In doing so, he has gone further and further away from God. If leading an ordinary life is like walking, innovating in some field is like running. But the innovation is in the worldly field and not in the spiritual field. So, it is like running in a direction opposite to the goal. The goal is God. Hence, innovating in any worldly field, without recognizing God takes a soul further and further away from the right goal, which is God.