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Posted on: 13/12/2018

Shri P.V.N.M. Sharma asked: Why are there different Gods in Hinduism whereas there is only one God in other religions in this world?

Swami replied: Hinduism, a micro-world that represents this macro-world. This is because, Hinduism itself is made of several sub-religions, which resemble the different religions in the world. This macro-world is one unit created by God. Within it, Hinduism is one sub-unit followed by some people. So, you cannot look at the world and Hinduism as separate units. After all, Hinduism, other religions and the whole world are created by only one single Entity called God.The original absolute God is unimaginable since He is beyond space and time. He constitutes the unimaginable domain. For the sake of understanding, it can be said that the unimaginable domain includes the unimaginable God and His unimaginable power...

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Posted on: 09/12/2018

Dr. K. V. Prasad (USA) asked: In the Gita, God Krishna said in the verse “Cāturvarṇyam...” that He is responsible for the caste system and yet, not responsible for it. What is the meaning of this mutual contradiction?

Swami replied: In this verse, the first two lines say “Originally, I have created the caste system based on qualities and deeds (Chaatuvarnyam...)”. The word ‘Srushtam’ indicates the stage at the very beginning of creation or srushti. The next two lines of this verse say “Even though I am responsible for this caste system, I am yet not responsible for it (Tasya kartaaramapi maam...)”. On careful analysis, we can resolve the mutual contradiction seen in this verse...

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Posted on: 08/12/2018

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! In the recent message given to Smt. Bindiya Chaudhry on December 1, 2018, You have said that greed which causes a person to earn money through corrupt means is sin and that deep analysis is very important in deciding what is sin and what is not sin. In support of this statement, You have quoted the verse from the Gītā “Buddhiyukto jahātīha”. This verse talks about giving up both merit and sin and join yoga since such yoga is skillful action. I am not sure how the verse fits in this context. My understanding of this verse is somewhat in the sense of “Sarvadharmān parityajya

Swami replied: You are correct in saying that ‘yoga’ is the main topic of this verse since the third line in this verse says that hence, one should associate with yoga (Tasmaat yogaaya …). In the first two lines, the verse says that a person who is associated with intelligence or analysis leaves both sin (paapam) and merit (punyam). Before leaving both good and bad deeds...

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Posted on: 07/12/2018

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! With regard to the recent message given to Smt. Bindiya Chaudhry on December 1, 2018, You have stated that for sins done with intention, the direct doer of the sin, the employer of the direct doer, the promoter and the supporter; all share the fruit of the sin equally (kartā kārayitā caiva, prerakaścānumodakaḥ...). In this regard, I have the following questions for which I seek Your kind clarifications. Your servant. Nikhil.

Dr.Nikhil: Does anumodaka mean supporter or the enjoyer of the benefit?

Swami replied: Grammatically, you have every right to take the meaning of anumodaka in the sense of an enjoyer since the root verb mud’ means joy. But the word anumodaka means the supporter of a deed in the sense of appreciating the deed after it is performed. The words ‘anumodanam,’ ‘samarthanam’ or ‘sammatih’ have similar meaning and they convey the sense of supporting through acceptance, and through the expression of joy after the deed is performed...

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Posted on: 02/12/2018

Dr. C. Annapurna asked: Please clarify once again the topic of “Indrashatru” mentioned in Veda, which is referred by you in the recent messages.

Swami Replied: The Vedic scholars of the Puurvamiimaamsa  philosophy lay a lot of emphasis on the recitation of the Veda with the correct accents, even if the meaning of the Veda is not understood. They say “Yathendrashatruh svaratoparaadhaat”, which means that the demon, Vrutra, was killed because of the wrong accent used in the recitation of the Veda. Vruta had forced the sages to perform a ritual worship for gaining victory over Indra...

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Posted on: 01/12/2018

Smt. Bindiya Chaudhry asked: I am Parikshit's wife who already is a devotee of Swamiji and I too am one. There is a question that is boggling me. First shat shat pranam to the all mighty Swami Dattatreya the unimaginable God. Some sins are obvious like killing someone or hurting, but how do we save ourselves from committing non obvious sins that lead to our sufferings? Can one live a human life without committing sins? If sins are unintentional how do we avoid their repeat in future? I am currently suffering from a deep problem and am asking Swamiji for forgiveness for my sins. Is forgiveness possible in the same human birth?- Bindiya Chaudhry w/o. Shri Pariikshit, Lawyer, Delhi.

Swami replied: Sins done unintentionally, like accidentally stepping on and killing ants while walking on the road, do not yield punishments. When the intention is absent, the person is not directing the work towards sin, and so the fruit of sin also does not arise (Jnaanaagnidagdhakarmaanam, PadmapatramivaambhasaaGita). The inert energy needed for doing any work is supplied by God and it is never linked with the fruit since it is inert. It cannot have any intention...

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Posted on: 30/11/2018

Shri Krishnaraj.V.S wrote: Dear Sir, With reference to the above message, i would like to seek clarification for the following: The reply by Swami is, Quote “The real Speaker is God Datta alone. The audience has awareness just like the Speaker. The only inert or ignorant instrument in between God Datta and His live audience is Myself, who lacks even a trace of knowledge.”Unquote Most spiritual books and gurus say on similar lines that man should consider himself as an instrument of God. The above logic raised a question for which I could not get a convincing answer. The question is, if man should only be an instrument, then what is the purpose of his creation...

Swami replied: The source of your question is the confusion between Nivrutti (divine life) and Pravrutti (worldly life). The statement given by Me is related to Nivrutti and not to Pravrutti. Freedom is given to all human souls, who are responsible for freely choosing to perform good deeds

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Posted on: 24/11/2018

Shri Sriraag asked: Namaste Swamiji, I have been following some sadhana for few years now with a resultant experience of ananda. My mind has been vacillating with the desire to follow brahmacharya throughout my life (I am 23 years old now). While I have to admit that I have failed in keeping up this ideal in the past year, I wish to regain my purity somehow and keep my mind on the Divine throughout my life. Kindly give your guidance regarding effective means of maintain brahmacharya and not getting distracted on the path to God. Deepest gratitude for answering our questions. Pranaam. Sriraag...

Swami replied: Sage Narada asked God Brahma “Who is the unshaken celibate (Brahmachaarii) in this world?”. God Brahma replied that Shri Krishna is such a celibate. How is this possible, when Krishna had married one thousand six hundred princesses? A Brahmachaarii is commonly understood to be a celibate...

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Posted on: 23/11/2018

Parabrahma Samaarambhaam,

Shrii Dattatreya Madhyamaam,

Shrii Satya Sai Paryantaam,

Vande Guru Paramparaam.

God, being beyond space, is unimaginable. Just after the creation of space or subtle energy, He expressed Himself as the First Energetic Incarnation, which is known as Datta, Eshvara or Father of heaven. He incarnated in a form so that the souls, who were to be created later, could grasp Him. The three potencies of God namely, creation, maintenance and destruction of the world are expressed in the form of the three Divine Personalities namely, God Brahmā, God Vishnu and God Shiva respectively...

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Posted on: 20/11/2018

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! Given below is a discussion regarding the systematic observations recorded by researchers working in the field of rebirth, near-death experiences, and some supernatural phenomena. These researchers are trying to convince the rest of the scientific community that such phenomena are genuine and that there is a need to revise our world-view in order to accommodate these phenomena. However, the scientists are not yet able to correlate their observations and come up with an overall theory that brings meaning to life and shows direction to humanity. Also, some of the tentative conclusions...

Swami replied: A number of cases of rebirth have been reported are still being reported all over the world. I have even seen two to three page long reports of such incidents published in English newspapers. The instances clearly establish the concept of rebirth. Human beings born in faraway places speak of intricate details of their previous birth, which on verification, are found to be exactly correct. It would be better for you to find that report because reading the detailed report...

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Posted on: 19/11/2018

Ms. Arsha asked: Why can’t a student surrender his entire life time for the divine purpose? As you have mentioned in one of your recent discourses that, the leisure time which is used by a student for his entertainment can be used for focusing in spirituality i.e., in reading spiritual knowledge. But the divine knowledge is such a vast and valuable treasure which should be given enough time, rather than a 30 minute leisure period. So if a student surrenders his life including his school time and play time in God's work then will he be compensated with an excellent school life? If he spends his time with his own liking and interest in God and his knowledge will he be given good results in his school? Is it important to spend time for school as well? Because I feel school work is very boring, knowledge of God is really different and interesting. So will it be fine if i spend minimum time for school?

Swami replied: The most important part of spiritual knowledge is to realize that we are not God originally. After that, it is important to study the personality of God. This means we should study how He behaves with us, in response to our behavior with Him. Our behavior is based on our worldly qualities (Durgunas), while God’s behavior reveals His divine qualities (Kalyaana gunas). Studying His behavior towards us...

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Posted on: 18/11/2018

Ms. Arsha asked: Does God fulfil his devotee’s desire by incarnating on earth in that particular form, even though there are enough number of incarnations for that time or that Kala? Is there a restriction in the number of incarnations in a particular period, in other words is there any limitation on the number of avatars, that have taken form during a time?

Swami replied: Even before creating this world, the unimaginable God descended down as the first Energetic Incarnation called Datta or Father of heaven. He did this to express Himself for the sake of the souls who were to be created later. Datta, which is the name of the first Energetic Incarnation, means ‘given’. It means that through the form of Datta, the absolute God, who is beyond space and time, and who is unimaginable to all souls, can now be grasped by the souls. So actually, God did not incarnate because of the desire of souls. The concept of incarnation was not the idea of souls. It was the noble idea of the unimaginable God Himself...

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Posted on: 17/11/2018

Ms. Arsha asked: Padanamaskaram Swamiji! This is Arsha. I hope You are fine Swamiji. I had some questions that were making me restless. So I wanted to ask them to you and clear my doubts. I would be really blessed if You would clear them. Swamiji please forgive me if there is any mistake in any of my questions or in my way of asking the questions. Please always be with me Swamiji. The three questions are given below. Yours Lovingly, Arsha.

In this cruel yuga where there is violence and misunderstanding everywhere, will it be practical to propagate the divine knowledge?

Swami replied: We are doing the propagation of spiritual knowledge as the work of God, whom we like the most. We are not doing this work with an aspiration for any fruit from God in return as our salary. We know very well that the fruit of God’s work is in the hands of God alone. We also know very well that God is very very potent...

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Posted on: 14/11/2018

Shri C. B. K. Murthy, the first pillar of the mission of the propagation of the spiritual knowledge of Swami, expired at 11.00 pm on 09.11.2018. On the same day from 09.00 pm onwards, Swami was watching a movie on Shri Akkalkot Maharaj played on the television from a pen-drive. The last scene in the movie in which Shri Maharaj breathed His last, appeared exactly at 11.00 pm. Swami suffered in terrible pain and wept for half an hour, indicating the death of His important devotee. Swami did not weep like this previously while seeing this picture. A week earlier, the son of Shri C. B. K. Murthy had come and told Swami that his father was constantly uttering the name of Swami. Swami replied that He would come to his house to see him in just a week and that it would be His last visit to the devotee! The family members of the devotee told Swami that the devotee in his last days was always remembering the name of Swami alone and was praying to Swami to uplift his soul...

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Posted on: 08/11/2018

Shri Parikshit Baugh asked: Is an individual responsible for his or her own actions (karma) or is the individual bound by planetary influences (astrology)?

Namaskar and Pranam Swamiji. Kindly answer the following question: [Question: As per the great sages like Parashara, Jaimini and Varahmihira, every human being is effected by planetary movements in every conceivable aspect of life. That's how hindu astrology came into being. There are planets and houses governing each and every sphere of life. The question arises, if every individual is bound by the effects of the planets and nakshatras then obviously all his thoughts and actions are the result of such heavenly movements. In this case he merely does what the aspecting planet wants him to do. Then what is Karma? Why is the individual punished/rewarded for the actions for which he is not responsible? Either there is no concept of Karma or there is no Astrology? Pranam on your divine lotus feet.]

Swami replied: Astrology is a part of the subject of God (spiritual philosophy) although it is often misunderstood to be a field unrelated to the subject of God. You must also distinguish between astronomy and astrology. Astronomy deals with the inert planets that we see in the sky. Astrology deals with the subject of the presiding deities of these planets, which control the administration of the world. Your house is like the inert physical planet whereas you...

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Posted on: 07/11/2018

Dr. Nikhil wrote: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! I would like to submit these two verses at Your divine feet. It is with reference to Your answer titled "Contradictions In The Scripture Due To Adulteration" dated November 04, 2018, given in response to my question. In the Bhagavad Gītā, Arjuna asked several questions, which the Lord answered in great detail, in the most wonderful manner. Finally, Arjuna was fully convinced. He expressed His full satisfaction and conviction in the words "Naṣṭo moha...". I feel that the Gītā, which is the divine discussion between the Lord and His devotee, is not complete unless the devotee expresses full satisfaction...

Swami replied: Datta is very much interested in uplifting the souls in this creation. He is the invisible Speaker (Person), who is delivering this wonderful knowledge through the throat of this visible Datta Swami. The throat is like a mic (microphone) and this Datta Swami is like the stand holding that throat-mic, from which this knowledge is emerging. The real Speaker is God Datta alone...

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Posted on: 06/11/2018

Ms. Thalla Laxmi Thryloka asked: Namah Shivaya Swami! I'm Thalla Laxmi Thrylokya, a final year B.Tech student from Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore. Being a student of Dr.Nikhil Kothurkar Sir, I'm fortunate to know about Brahmavidya and receive teachings directly from him. I started evolving in rapid pace since the day I met Nikhil Sir. He is one person who feels suffocated when we praise him for who he is and gives all the credit to you...

Swami replied: First, you have to sustain yourself. For this, you are working hard to get a degree with a good level of achievement so that it fetches you a job. Apart from pursuing this main activity, only a little time remains with us. Yet any student definitely has some leisure time remaining, which is usually spent on some entertainment activities. You can divert that leisure...

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Posted on: 04/11/2018

Dr. Nikhil asked: Padanamaskarams Swamiji! My question is with reference to Your reply to Shri Durgaprasad, given on October 26, 2018. You have said that the commentaries of the divine preachers on scriptures, varied in their conclusions due to the adulteration of the original text. You have said that this is the reason why we often find mutually contradicting concepts within the same scripture. However, I am unable to understand this point. How can the adulteration of the scripture lead to mutually conflicting concepts and conclusions?

Swami replied: The word ‘scripture’ mentioned by Me in My earlier reply, means not only the primary scripture, the Veda but also secondary scriptures like the Gita, the Manusmruti, the Brahma Sutras, the Puraanams etc. Of course, the Veda was preserved by recitation in the old times and adulteration was almost impossible. But for that reason, we should not leave out logical analysis. Adulteration in the Veda is clearly seen in the Shri Suktam, which is a hymn in praise of Goddess Śrī. In some verses of this...


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Posted on: 03/11/2018

Shri P V N M Sharma asked: Swami! Why do you put off the lights and fans as soon as we leave the room?

Swami replied (jokingly): O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! You know that I am the light of spiritual knowledge and a fan of God Datta. There is always jealousy between similar items since likes repel each other. The light and the fan are My rivals and so I always put them off!

(Seriously): We should use electricity with utmost care only whenever we have a real necessity. People leave the lights and fans on even after they leave the rooms. They try to show off their false generosity and richness...

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Posted on: 31/10/2018

47. Many people have no real faith in the existence of God and are greatly attracted only to their worldly bonds, with money and family. Yet, they worship God by reciting prayers and singing songs. Reciting prayers, singing devotional songs or meditating are only related to words and the mind. It is called theoretical devotion, which involves only mental or verbal expression of the love for God. These clever worldly people adopt theoretical devotion for getting protection and benefits from God...

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