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41. What are the merits Universal religion established by You?

42. Will intellect take immediate decision on an issue?

43. Surgery without anesthesia...

44. Questions on Bible

45. What purpose of creation is served by the trans genders...?

46. One man killed himself in a ritual to appease a goddess...Kindly give Your opinion on such extreme steps.

47. What are the differences between mind,intelligence and ego?

48. Does god have a plan?

49. If God exists, why isn't he guiding me on a daily basis?

50. What is the secret behind Nadi Astrology?

51. Why has god designed the world in this way, by keeping hunting and killing of other living being as a part of this living system?

52. Catholics: how are the people in the Old Testament saved?

53. How do I overcome severe depression caused by heartbreak?

54. What steps should I take to start a fight against division of Humans in religions and castes? I want to pass a bill to outlaw these things.

55. What should I do, if I feel de-motivated and depressed?

56. How can we talk to departed soul?

57. Is it haram to self-harm if I suffer from psychological disorders?

58. How do I stop watching adult movies?

59. The moment God existed, time had to exist also. So is God time?

60. Are there certain things that God will never forgive?


Filters for Q & A

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