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61. Does a Hindu God also exist in the shape of a pig? I have seen a picture which has so many faces of gods in my friend's house. I asked him what is this god with a pig face and he replied "I don't know all our god's, the concept is idiotic to me". Could a Hindu explain this?

62. Why Hindus worship the form and cremate the dead, while muslims worship formless and...?

63. What is the teaching Sri Ramakrishna wanted to give by cleaning the toilet of lower caste in his own long hair?

64. While performing rituals named "Munja" in Brahmin community, why do the Brahmins cut off the wheat doughed cow?

65. How can the world peace be maintained?

66. Does God participate or is he just a spectator?

67. The Bhagavad Gita says that love and affection are the root causes of sorrow. What does that mean?

68. I receive mails from numerologists, tarot card readers...

69. What is the necessity of 3 separate forms (Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma) when the three forms are existing in the single Lord Dattatreya Himself?

70. As per Your preaching, sharp logical analysis shall be used for finding out the truth, However logic fails in certain places. Please enlighten.

71. If God takes no pleasure in the death of the man then why does God wants us to die?

72. Swami, You mentioned that 'Your brain is filled with answers only...

73. Kindly enlighten on background of Lord Shiva meditating on Lord Vishnu etc.

74. You explained that after death of Human incarnation, It goes to the upper-world in eternal energetic form...Please enlighten.

75. What is the fate of terrorists and how to turn them to spiritual side?

76. If a preacher (Brahmin) gives wrong knowledge, can the receivers be punished by their wrong practice?

77. In bible it is said that poor in heart will see God. What is the right meaning of this?

78. Please elaborate on 'Love to children will spoil them...'

79. Shall we see deservingness in knowledge propogation?

80. Why Japan is prone to frequent Nature Disasters/Earthquake/ Tsunami?


Filters for Q & A

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