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81. Does a person share the sin due to procurement of non-vegetarian food from the shop for the family members?

82. How to excel in pravrutti? How can we take inspiration from Dr.Abdul Kalam in spiritual field?

83. How do I get Sampoorna Dyana and be Samadhani?

84. I would like to know from datta swami who is my guru in this birth and what is right sadhana for me.

85. I want bhagyoday and salvation from all debts monetary and pitru - please find me a way out this all mess.

86. I want to know the law of attraction?

87. Please let me know how to improve my health and career prospects so that all of us in family can prosper.

88. I want to be able to make all the beautiful smile, even in difficult.

89. Why God didn't help Imam Hussain (as) against yazeed in the battle of Karbala?

90. Why Satguru accepts a disciple and how He takes work from him?

91. I was praying for sripadavallabha & want his darshan

92. Guruji i faces some monetary problem few years for my business purpose. pls help me.

93. What Shirdi Sai Baba meant by saying that He would speak from His Tomb?

94. Kindly elaborate meaning of God is beyond feeling and what is the need to serve God?

95. Is there any quote or verse in Vedas saying that god comes to world in human forms?

96. How to overcome lust practically? Is ejection of sperm by hand practice not a sin?...

97. Why do parents still depend on daughters money in this age?

98. Can you elaborate on God coming in every generation?

99. Why Abhimanyu was not get back to his life when Subhadra asked?

100. Are Jesus, Mohammad and Krishna messengers or God themselves?


Filters for Q & A

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