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Posted on: 17 Feb 2019


Swami answers devotees' questions

How can people suffering from incurable diseases or mental defects be cured?

Shri Anil asked: How can I console a cancer-patient, who is known to me? Also, when mentally retarded people are unable to even pray to God, how can they be cured?

Swami replied: Any illness can be cured by the omnipotent God. But God is also omniscient. The sin is excused only if there is a real reformation in the soul. Real reformation is practically proved through the non-repetition of the sin. The omniscient God must be thoroughly convinced that the soul is truly reformed. You can deceive a human being by acting as if you have reformed by weeping, crying, singing devotional songs and so on. But all these pretenses (actings) are useless before God. He can never be convinced by such false actions and false words of repentance. If there is a real reformation in the soul, all these dramatic actions are not necessary for God. The real reformation of the soul is immediately recognized by God and the sins are excused by Him because there is no need for further punishment once real reformation has been achieved. If God is convinced in the case of a particular soul, it means that the soul must have truly reformed. Such a soul alone will not repeat the sins in the future.

A mentally retarded patient is a condemned soul in the view of God. It means that God does not have the slightest hope that the soul will get reformed. Such a soul undergoes punishment throughout his or her life. Such long and endless suffering is intended to reform the soul unconsciously. Reformation is possible in such a soul in the form of an aversion developed to the punishment. This strongly-impressed aversion to the suffering may prevent the soul from committing sins in the next birth when the soul is given a normal life. So, in view of the prevention of sinful behavior in the future birth, the soul’s continuous suffering in this birth is helpful. Also, sometimes, the kith and kin of such a soul might sincerely pray to God. As a result, the soul might attain a healthier state in which the soul can get reformed. The omniscient God knows very well which souls have some possibility of getting reformed and which souls do not. Souls with absolutely no hope of reformation will be born as a mentally retarded animal, like a mad dog.

All these are ‘administrative details’ regarding how the various cases of souls are handled. Each soul has performed different types of good and bad deeds. Knowing exactly how each case is handled is unnecessary for us. All we need to understand is that God is the best judge and the best administrator. He always helps each and every soul in the best-possible way. Only when the administrator is a human being, is there a need for analyzing the person’s way of administration. The person might err in his or her way of administration, in which case, we could suggest a better way. That is why even a country’s constitution, which is framed by human beings, often gets amended. Through such amendments, errors get rectified. But there is not the slightest possibility of even a trace of error in the divine constitution. So, there is no point in breaking our heads on these issues, which are being administered in the most meritorious way.

God is not only omnipotent and omniscient, but He is also an infinite ocean of kindness. He is the divine Father of all souls. He must have chosen the kindest-possible way to save any soul. All of us are mere brothers or sisters to our neighboring souls but God is the Father of all souls (Aham biijapradah pitaa —Gita). A father is always far kinder to his child than the brothers and sisters of the child. From all these angles, it is far far better to leave the administration and reformation of other souls to God. Instead, we need to concentrate on our own reformation. This is an extremely important point which every soul in this world should understand. Our focus should be on recognizing our own defects and reforming ourselves. This is the best and wisest path.

The Divine Father is taking the best care of each soul. Even the punishments given by God here on earth and hereafter in hell, only indicate His anxiety to reform the sinful soul, which is His child. Hell is the reflection of God’s highest kindness, which helps in reforming souls. Hell is not the reflection of His anger or desire for revenge. If we understand this very subtle point, we will be very peaceful about things taking place in this world. There is no error taking place in the divine administration. Everything taking place in this world is the result of the most perfect working of God’s wonderful administration. No soul can even dream of running the world in a better way than the way it is being run. It is our utter ignorance that causes us to misunderstand God and stray (stay) away from the path of self-purification. We are ignorant of the deeds of other souls. We are ignorant of the most wonderful divine administration working in the background. We are ignorant of God’s supreme talents and capabilities in administering and reforming souls. Above all, we are ignorant of the supreme kindness of God towards all souls.

We are worried about things, about which we need not be worried at all! People were worried about Jesus when He was carrying the cross. He told them not to worry about Him. He was under the direct supervision of the kindest Lord. Instead, He told them to worry about themselves and their children. He might have suffered for a few hours, but He was going to sit forever on the right lap of the Divine Father! These people, who were worried about Him, might be living happily on earth for a little while, but they were going to be thrown into the liquid fire forever along with their future generations! So, who should be worried? The spectators or Jesus?

A person may finish off the punishment of his or her sin by suffering for it here. The person may then get a wonderful new divine birth in the immediate future. Another person, who is wasting his time in sympathizing with this suffering person, instead of focusing on his own reformation, may finally get thrown into the liquid fire forever! Hence, it is always advisable to focus on self-rectification than unnecessarily wasting time in investigating and judging God’s administration of this world.


Why do Your photographs on Your website show You mostly as a Hindu even though You preach about Universal Spirituality?

[A question by Shri Hrushikesh]

Swami replied: Universal Spirituality or Universal Religion is like the central government of India and the specific religion followed by any person, is like the state government of any one state in India. The citizen belongs to both the central and state governments simultaneously. This means that you can be a follower of Universal Religion while still being a follower of your own religion. Universal Religion pervades all religions in the world. It means that you can continue to follow your own religion. There is no need to convert to any other religion. The important point you have to learn from Universal Religion is that you should never criticize other religions. The same God appeared in different forms at different places, in different times. Each time the form taken up by Him was according to the specific culture of each place. He preached the same spiritual knowledge in different languages. All religions have some merits and some defects. The merits are due to the original preaching of God whereas the defects are due to wrong ideas introduced by the followers later on. You have to be selective and pick only the merits of all religions.

Each religion has its own special merits that are seen prominently in that religion. It does not mean other religions do not have those merits but it is just that they are more prominently seen in a certain religion. Spiritual knowledge is the merit of Hinduism. Knowledge is the intellectual part of the spiritual effort which is called jnana yoga. Devotion to God, which is known as bhakti yoga, is the merit of Islam. It is the emotional part of the spiritual effort. The practical part of the spiritual effort is service and donation. Donation of one’s hard-earned money is said to be the sacrifice of the fruit of one’s work. Service and donation together are called karma yoga and it is the merit of Christianity. Purifying one’s devotion to God by making it free of any worldly aspiration or desire is the merit of Buddhism. Practicing non-violence towards all souls is the merit of Jainism. Apart from the various religions, science too has its merit and it has a place in Universal Spirituality. The sharp analysis of any concept without blind belief is the merit of science.

Thus, on your spiritual journey towards God, you must pick the merits of all religions. Universal Religion or Universal Spirituality is not a specific religion to be listed along with the religions of the world. It is meant for the establishment of peace and harmony in this world. Since I am born as Hindu, I follow My religion. But I realize that all other religions are the equally-correct paths starting from different directions but all leading to the same God at the center. The six religions or philosophies mentioned above are like six bottles containing the same medicine of spiritual knowledge. Secularism means consuming the medicine-like spiritual knowledge from any one of the six bottles, realizing that the same medicine is present in all the six bottles. But the so-called secularism of today is false secularism. It rejects all religions. It is like saying that since all the bottles contain the same medicine, there is no need to consume the medicines from any of them!


Among the various forms of God, why do You only stress on the form of God Datta?

[A question by Shri Hrushikesh]

Swami replied: The absolute God, being beyond matter, energy, time, and space, cannot be perceived by us. He cannot even be imagined by us. Datta means the Unimaginable God who has ‘given’ Himself to souls, by entering into a medium and allowing souls to perceive Him. Datta is the first Energetic Incarnation of God in the upper world. Datta is not limited to any one specific religion. Datta, this First Incarnation of God, enters into other energetic and human forms to become other energetic and human Incarnations of God. All these Incarnations, energetic or human, can also be called Datta. Datta represents the concept of the unimaginable God giving Himself to the souls for their perception. The form of God Datta, the First Incarnation, is also unique. It has many specialties. I will tell you the five most important specialties that attracted Me especially since they so perfectly match with the Vedic description of God.

  1. The Veda says that God is one (Ekameva advitiiyam Brahma...). The form of Lord Datta has three heads but it is only one single form or one person as told in the Veda.
  2. The Veda says that the one single God performs the three cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction of creation (yatovaa imaani...). Just because the functions are three, the single God who performs these functions, does not get divided into three parts. Neither is it true that there are three different ‘Gods’, each doing one of the three functions. The form of God Datta perfectly represents this concept. The form of Lord Datta has three faces: the face of Lord Brahma, the face of Lord Vishnu and the face of Lord Shiva. Even though the faces are three, the form or the person is one. The same God Datta shows each of the three faces while performing the three cosmic functions of creation, maintenance and destruction of the world respectively. In fact, the same God Datta appears to be the three different forms when viewed from three different angles. It is just like some pictures, which appear to be two different pictures when viewed from different angles. The power of the one God to appear as three different forms is unimaginable to us. This unimaginable power is called maayaa. Any Incarnation, be it Energetic or Human, belonging to any religion, is one of the numerous forms of God Datta, viewed from a specific angle. It is God Datta Himself who is called Hiranya Garbha, Narayana, Sadaashiva and Father of Heaven.
  3. The Veda says that God does miracles (Satya kaamah...). All the Incarnations of God Datta are famous for doing miracles.
  4. The Veda says that God is an embodiment of love (Raso vai sah...). True to this statement, all Incarnations of God Datta are well-known for transferring the punishments of the sins of their devotees on their own human bodies. The Incarnations of Datta suffer for their devotees’ sins on behalf of their devotees. Can there be a greater example of love?
  5. The Veda says that God is the embodiment of spiritual knowledge (Satyam Jnaanam anantam Brahma, Prajnaanam Brahma). God Datta is most famous as the Divine Preacher of spiritual knowledge. He is called Guru Datta.

The simplicity, beauty and special divine radiance of the personality of God Datta is most highly attractive. It has always attracted My mind. It still attracts Me today and it will continue to attract My mind forever. God Datta is not different from the Unimaginable God who merged with Him. They have become identical.


When the whole earth belongs to God alone, are the border disputes between countries justified?

[A question by Shri Hrushikesh]

Swami replied: The concepts of pravrutti should not be confused with the concepts of nivrutti. Pravrutti is maintaining justice in worldly life while nivrutti is the path of devotion and service to God. Let us assume that the wicked Duryodhana from the Mahaabhaarata is speaking to the good Dharmaraja. He would say “My dear brother! This entire world is the property of God since the Veda says ‘Ishavasyamidam sarvam’. Why then do you bother about your share and my share in this Kingdom of God? How does it matter whether I rule this Kingdom or you rule?” Would Dharmaraja leave his share and go back to the forest? In fact, king Dhrutaraashtra, the father of Duryodhana actually played this trick on Dharmaraja when Dharmaraja and his brothers were living in the forest. He sent Sanjaya with a message for Dharmaraja. In it Dhrutaraashtra accepted that his son Duryodhana was at fault and that Dharmarāja was a good man. So, he suggested that Dharmaraja, being the good man that he was, should remain in the forest along with his brothers and perform penance to reach God while allowing Duryodhana to enjoy the kingdom!

But God Krishna never allowed such exploitation of the concepts of nivrutti in the field of pravrutti. Such exploitation is very common. One kills the other saying that everything happens due to the will of God alone. He wants his crime to be treated as God’s will. In that case, you should kill him back saying that killing him is also the will of God! God expects unity and brotherhood among people. But the concept should not be exploited by cunning people to grab the land of other people and countries. That is why soldiers protect the borders of their nation following the rules of justice in pravrutti. They do not give up their duty of protecting their borders just because cunning people say that the whole earth belongs to God.


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