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Posted on: 27/05/2019

God-Preacher Shri Datta spoke: 49)  Chaarvaaka said that the living body with awareness itself is the soul. There is no problem with this point because, after all, the soul is only a special work-form of inert energy associated with the material body. Since matter is also another form of energy, all the three phases, matter, energy and awareness, can be considered to be just one item, called creation. None of them is the Creator. Only the schools which treat the soul to be God have a problem with this claim of Chaarvaaka since they treat the soul, which is a created item, as God. The reality is that the unimaginable God alone is the Creator while the imaginable soul is a tiny part of creation. Actually, the soul is a form of energy and is slightly different from the body, which is made of matter. However, this slight difference is not a big problem because matter and energy are only slightly different...

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Posted on: 14/04/2019

Shri Phani: How do you correlate the vivarta vaada of Shankara with the parinaama vaada of Ramanuja?

Swami: Vivarta means an apparent modification whereas parinaama means an actual modification. Water appearing as a wave is an example of vivarta. Milk getting modified to curd is example of parinaama. In fact, scholars call only parinaama as a modification. In the case of vivarta, the word ‘modification’ cannot actually be used. Standstill water itself appears as a wave when some kinetic energy is imparted to it. There is no actual modification in the water at all! But we can still use the word modification in sense of the different appearance which is the result of the association of the water with kinetic energy. We can define modification in terms of a change of qualities. In the case of water and the wave, the water remains the same, chemically. There is no change in its qualities as in the case of milk turning to curd. But even in the case of milk turning to curd, the change in qualities can be attributed to the association of the unseen bacteria...

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Posted on: 15/12/2018

Shri Phani asked: Could You kindly give some more clarity on ‘Parama vyoma’?

Swami replied: The unimaginable God is beyond space. Space has three dimensions called length, breadth, and height. Time also is an associated coordinate of space since, without space, time cannot exist. When we take the state of unimaginable God, He is beyond space and time, due to which He is unimaginable. Since He is beyond time, you should not ask Me about the time in which He existed alone without creation. His state, which is beyond the four-dimensional space-time, exists even now and it will exist even in the future. His state continues forever even after the creation of this world and even though He enters the world in the form of Incarnations...

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Posted on: 13/11/2018

Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami, A person in quora forum asked the following doubt. What is time? Can God exist outside of time? Is it possible for anything to happen without time? at Your Lotus feet, Anil

Swami Replied: Shankara proposed that God is beyond space and time. According to Him space and time are conventional and they are myths (Mithya) with respect to God. Based on this, scholars say that an event (paristhiti) is defined by space (Desha) and time (Kaala) (Desha kaala paristhitih). The same concept is proposed by Einstein, who says that any event in creation can be defined with the four-dimensional model of space-time...

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Posted on: 24/10/2018

Dr. Nikhil asked: “The term ‘subtle cosmic energy’ has been mentioned several times by You. You have also mentioned another term ‘inert energy’. In what way is the subtle cosmic energy different from inert energy? It would be greatly helpful if the adjectives ‘subtle’, ‘cosmic’ and ‘inert’ are clearly defined. As per physics, there is only ‘energy’; there is nothing such as subtle or gross energy. If the adjective 'inert' is used to indicate that it is not aware, then as per physics, it is unnecessary. Physicists never assume energy to be aware...

Swami Replied:  The process of panchiikaranam mentioned in the ancient Indian texts on logic is not accepted by science. Energy when condensed, becomes matter. Matter consists of subatomic particles, which in turn form atoms and molecules. These materialized particles (atoms or molecules) on becoming close appear as gas (air). The same particles upon coming closer appear as liquid (water) and on becoming even closer, appear as solid (earth). Energy with frequencies in the lower visible...

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Posted on: 24/08/2018

Shri G Lakshman (Mumbai) asked:- You told that God is unimaginable and omnipotent having the power beyond logic. At the same time You say that God does everything with logic for the safety of humanity, which has to proceed based on logical analysis. How do You reconcile both these with more clarified explanation?

Swami replied:- Whenever there is necessity to use the power beyond logic, using that unimaginable power in such appropriate place is also doing an action based on logical analysis. A cruel lion is coming to kill an innocent good baby. You and I will go back to attack the lion because we don’t have the omnipotence to fight...

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Posted on: 18/08/2018

Kaalaakaasha yugaa datiita parama Brahma hyanuuhyam sthitam,

Yasmaaduuhyamidam babhuuva nabha ityaadikramenaakhilam,

Nohyaaduuhya matiita tarka iti yasyaasti sphuto nishchayo,

Praachyovaastu sa pashchimostu samavit seyam maniishaa mama.

(The unimaginable God is beyond space and time and He remains unimaginable due to this reason only. From the unimaginable God, imaginable space etc., were generated, which form this entire imaginable world. In the worldly logic...

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Posted on: 19/05/2018

15) Upaadherbhaktimuulyam gananiiyam na tu bhaktaavataarasthitivashyam.

Opponent:- You told that Hanuman and Radha were devotees and never got insulted whereas Parashurama, the human incarnation was insulted since He showed His anger in wrong direction on pious Rama...

Theorist:- Hanuman and Radha were human incarnations, but, always acted as devotees only and never behaved like human incarnations. You have to take their roles only. Parashurama acted...

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Posted on: 19/05/2018

Spiritual discussion of Shri G. Lakshman with Swami. (Shri G Lakshman came to Hyderabad and had a spiritual discussion with Swami, which is presented below:-)

Shri Lakshman spoke:- What do you think about the association of miracles with preaching the spiritual knowledge?

Swami replied:- Miracles are only basic steps of spiritual knowledge, in which an atheist is converted in to theist. After this step, miracles have no significance in the spiritual path since a theist is that person, who accepts the existence of God with unimaginable power (God accepted may be the ...

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Posted on: 13/05/2018

Ahamtaasuuye vinaa vishleshanam tyaajye dvaitaadvaite cha tasya satya premaiva paramakaaranam bhavati.

[The main problem in identifying the human incarnation is ego based jealousy towards co-human beings due to repulsion between common media, which is especially becoming prominent in accepting a co-human being to be the highest God. The undisturbed characteristics of a human medium like hunger, thirst, sex, sleep, illness etc., influence our mind in the opposite direction...

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Posted on: 10/05/2018



[Opponent (Puurva Pakshii): -You cannot unify the religions of the world since each religion has concepts resulting in contradicting the concepts of other religions, especially Hinduism, which is alone perfectly correct.

Theorist (Siddhantii):- The concepts of all the religions in the world may be different, but, not contradicting each other. Difference is not contradiction. The syllabus of LKG class is different from the syllabus of PG class, but, both are not contradicting each other...

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Posted on: 28/04/2018

Pratiphalaakaamkshaarahita kevala Bhagavat preeti maargaamshaah

Sadaa smaraneeyaah saadhana ruupaah.

The climax devotees wanted to see God in order to serve Him with whatever they have. Service to God gives bliss to a devotee. Service is sacrifice of physical energy called as ‘Karma Samnyaasa’, which alone is confined to saints (Samnyaasins). Sacrifice of fruit of work or Karmaphalatyaaga is meant for all house-holders in addition to Karmasamnyaasa. These two constitute practical devotion or Karma Yoga as emphasised in the Gita again and again. Even service and sacrifice to true devotees pleases God since the second address of God is a true devotee as per the Narada Bhakti Sutra...

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Posted on: 27/04/2018

Trisiddhaantah naraavataare eva na sarvajeeveshu. Anuhyashakteh yugapadeva sthitih jeevaanaam asuuyaahantayaa.

[The relationship between God and ordinary soul (awareness) is not the subject of three divine preachers (Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva). It is taken in this wrong sense. The relationship between God and human soul in human incarnation is the subject of these three preachers. The subject is about the electrified wire and not about ordinary...

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Posted on: 25/04/2018

Itihaasairniruupyate vartamaanadrushyashravyopakaranaih pratyakshiikriyate. Madamaatsaryaprakrutih pradhaanahetuh. Naraah mishramaah naraavataarasya sthitih klishtaa.

[The human incarnations appeared all over the world, which result by total merge of unimaginable God with a devoted and selected human being- component. These incarnations have done plenty of miracles and the basis of perceived miracles...

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Posted on: 16/04/2018

9) Anuuhyashakteranekatvaat sarvashaktimat naraavataarena

Bhuumim praveshtum shaknoti taduchitameva vaatsalyaat.

[Observation of a miracle in this world proves one type of unimaginable power. There are several types of miracles proving that there are several types of unimaginable powers (Paraasya shaktirvividhaiva — Veda). Since the unimaginable power is unimaginable God (as said by us), you shall not say that several types of unimaginable Gods result...

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Posted on: 14/04/2018

8) Bahusatphalaanaam drushaa tena vibhuutayah

Pradarshitaah natvahamkaaridaityavat.

[Expression of miracles is very important aspect of spiritual knowledge. God exhibits miracles not for projecting Himself as omniscient and omnipotent. Such intention exists with egoistic human beings called as demons. Their single motive is to project themselves through miracles and expect all the people to worship them...

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Posted on: 07/04/2018

The arguments raised by scientists have been answered as given below:-

i) When a miracle is observed, how can you draw the conclusion about unimaginable God from it?

Reply:- When you also observe a miracle, you are also saying that the cause of the miracle is inexplicable or unimaginable. We also say the same. Such unimaginable cause is called by us as unimaginable God. You need not doubt that the cause of the miracle is some unimaginable phenomenon or power and is not the source of unimaginable power to be called as unimaginable God. Any number of unimaginable items...

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Posted on: 25/03/2018

3) Vijnaanepyanishchitattvasutraat anoohyamapi sadeva.

[Unimaginable God is undetectable by our human brains. ‘Undetectable’ does not mean that it does not exist. The simultaneous position and momentum of electron are undetectable by the most sophisticated electron microscope. When this instrument is used, the focussed beam attacks the electron and its position is disturbed. Hence, this microscope is unable...

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Posted on: 15/03/2018

Ajnaataparidhiraakaashasyaasti Brahmaviditah yadanantaram nohyamaparimaanam syaadeva vijnaanamaunam naastikajalpah.

[Science discussed a lot about the boundary of space and beyond it. This boundary is unreachable for any human being and hence, is called as infinite. Unreachable need not be infinite. The finite space also can be unreachable since very very long finite space is also unreachable. Since space is creation of God, its boundary must be known to omniscient God...

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Posted on: 09/03/2018

1)  Kim mulamasya? Idam vijneyamatraakaashah purobhutam yadvinaa naanyat yannaasat na dravyaapekshitam vyatyayena vaachyam sukshmashaktiraakaasho hi.

[What is the root cause of this world? --- Before getting answer for this, we must know that space is the first of five elements (the five components) of this world. Without space, no other element can appear or exist. Hence, space is the fundamental item of this world. It is subtle energy. It is non-existent before its generation, existent after generation and non-existent after dissolution. No product is existent in the cause before its generation. Pot does not exist in its cause (lump of mud) before its generation. The capability of generating the product

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