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Posted on: 01 Jan 2003


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A few new visitors have posed a question to Me 'Who are You'? I must mention the answer to this question here because every new reader is obviously attacked by this question. My name is Venu Gopala Krishna Murthy with surname 'Jannabhatla'. This name belongs only to this outer most gross body, which is composed of the inert five elements. The inner body is called as the subtle body, and is made of qualities and feelings which are like waves in a pond of water. The water is the pure awareness, which is called as the causal body or soul. If all My qualities and feelings subside as in the case of a realized scholar, the soul becomes like a pond with stand still water. There cannot be waves without water and thus the subtle body cannot exist without the causal body. The subtle body always includes its causal body, which is made of life energy. This subtle body enters the gross body in the womb of mother and leaves it at the time of death. The subtle body has no name or surname. Therefore, I am only introducing My gross body through My name and surname.

Then, who am I? Am I the subtle body? If I become a realized soul and get full liberation My subtle body disappears and at last I remain as the causal body. Up to this there is no complication, because this is the inner X-ray photograph of any human being. In the ordinary photograph only the outer-most gross body appears. The X-rays of the spiritual knowledge reveal the subtle and causal bodies.

A special situation appeared in My case as one can see from My life history. The experiences of devotees and the unimaginable excellent divine knowledge that is flowing from Me clearly demands the presence of some extra item in Me other than these three bodies. Some call it as sixth sense or intuition, which is a categorical imperative. Some call the same as God, power of God or grace of God. The people who do not want to accept this extra item, which is beyond this world, are called as atheists. From their angle I am a trickish human being cheating humanity through My speeches. Such atheists will not even touch this website and they are not My readers. But even to them I have posed a question at the beginning of the introduction. Let them answer that question and if they can convince Me, I shall give up this Mission.

God is unimaginable and cannot be directly experienced. He donates Himself to His devotees through a medium and the best medium is the human body for human beings. People other than atheists are believers in God and are called as theists. Among these theists, the first type of people think that the unimaginable God entered and pervaded all over this human body. In this case the electric current that entered a medium of a wire pervades the wire. Such a wire is called as current itself. Fortunately or unfortunately almost all My devotees belong to this first type and call Me as Lord Datta. Swami means Lord and Datta means the Lord donated to human beings through a human body. Thus I am named as 'Datta Swami' by My devotees. This is the state when Jesus said that He and His Father were one and the same. The second type of people treat Me as a devotee of Lord Datta, who like a father visited the house of My gross body and stays in the central room called the heart. Jesus as the Son sitting on the right side of His Father stated this state.

Hanuman, a devotee tore his heart and showed the Lord in it. I (subtle body along with causal body) am the owner of this house and it is My fortune that My Father visited My house. The invisible Father does all the miraculous work and gives fame to the visible Me. Such fortune is possible only in the case of the topmost devotee. The third category devotees never admit the entrance of God into any human being. These people worship formless God like space or cosmic energy. Some people of this category worship the energetic body of God as the Father in Heaven and some of this category worship statues and photos. The worship of all these people belonging to the third category is only indirect representative worship. This third category accepts that some power of the God enters a human being, who brings His message to the earth. These people call the human incarnation as Messenger only. However these people believe in the messengers who were dead, but they do not believe the living Messenger present in their time. Such people like the priests of the Jewish temple had Lord Jesus crucified and did not accept Him even as a Messenger. For the same reason the Kapalika followers killed Sankara and conservative Hindus killed Swami Dayananda.

Therefore, I have to answer the question "Who are You?" for different people in different ways

1. Yes, I am the very Lord Datta

2. Lord Datta is in My heart as I am His strongest devotee

3. I have been sent by Lord Datta as His messenger

However I prefer to stand by the third answer because that will not contradict the first two categories and is sharply accepted by the third category. The people standing on 100, 50 and 25 can commonly accept the least number 25. Lord Krishna gave the first answer because He was preaching the Bhagavad Gita only to Arjuna who believed in Him as the Lord. But I am giving My discourses to all the three categories of the people. A Messenger is just a microphone who is near to the speaker (person who speaks). The nearness is only for the convenience of the speaker and should not be misunderstood as dearness. The speaker is invisible and the visible microphone appears as if it is speaking. Similarly, you think that I am generating this divine knowledge since the speaker in Me is invisible. Similarly, whatever miracle is experienced by the devotee through Me is from that invisible speaker alone. The movement of the visible fan is due to the power of invisible electric current in it. In this angle of Messenger, the final essence is that this divine knowledge is coming from the Lord Himself. You can study it with utmost care and you can neglect Me since I am only a post man. The microphone covers only a small circle of people around it. But the amplifiers cover large circles and propagate in a big way.

Similarly, I have propagated this spiritual knowledge through My speeches in small circles only. I am donating only My words and intelligence in the Mission of the Lord. But, My devotees are far superior to Me since have sacrificed not only the work but also the fruit of their work (money) in propagating this divine knowledge to the entire world. They call Me as the Greatest. But they are greater than this Greatest. The Lord may be far or near the microphone or might have entered the microphone and spread all over the microphone to become one with it. In any case the microphone and the speaker are different. Electric current and the wire are different. The microphone may be very close to the speaker due to such a requirement. The amplifiers may be far from the speaker due to such a requirement. The nearest microphone does not mean that it is the dearest. Actually the amplifiers situated far from the speaker are doing greater service and become dearest to the speaker. Thus My devotees are dearer to the Lord than Myself. The closeness of Myself is just for the convenience of the Speaker (the Lord).

I often say to My devotees that I am greater than them by the role that I have taken in this world-drama. But as an actor of that role, I have the least value. In a film an actor may act as the Lord and another actor may act as the devotee. The actor acting as devotee may be paid ten times more than the actor acting as Lord. The value of the actor in the role of the devotee may be far more. Therefore, I say to My devotees "O fortunate devotees! When all of us go the Lord as His servants, you will be in the front and I will be in the back". Bible says the same that the first will become last and the last will become first. This situation arises because we stand there as bare actors in front of the Lord since our roles are left on the earth". The microphone, which is near to the speaker, must imbibe at least a little of the nature of the speaker. The speaker is invisible and is giving all the credit to the microphone. Unfortunately I am visible and cannot hide Myself to give the total credit to My devotees, which they really deserve. At least let Me give equal credit. The microphone and amplifiers are only instruments and there is no difference between instruments. All of us are only the servants of the Lord. As a cook I have prepared the food. My devotees are catering this with utmost efficiency. They think that I have prepared this food with special taste. They don't know that I have prepared this food with the help of the cookbook, which is hidden, in My pocket. The whole credit goes to that book as far as the special taste of the food is considered. However the book has nothing to do with catering. Thus all the credit of My work goes to the Lord only. But the credit of My devotees in the catering goes to them only.

I have many devotees who come to Me for their worldly problems, treating Me as an astrologer or a person having some power of God. I treat such devotees as the gravel stones and their number is useless. But I have a few devotees about whom I should express My appreciation here. They are the original gems. They are so few that they can be counted on one's fingers. If the Lord really exists in Me, I shall certainly give a higher place to My devotees. Lord Krishna created 'Goloka', which is the 15th upper most world above His 'Satyaloka' so that the dust of the feet of His sacred devotees (Gopikas) shall fall on the head of the Lord. He indicated this in His lifetime itself by asking for the dust of the feet of Gopikas to be applied on His forehead. It is the expression of the purest love of the highest Lord towards His top-star devotees who proved their devotion through service.

I am addressing the invisible speaker as Swami, who is experienced by the devotees through this human body. Swami represents the invisible current flowing in the visible wire. The miracles and the special knowledge are the electric shock (which is the effect) of that current. But people say, "This wire is giving a shock". Therefore, the word Swami indicates this aggregate of three bodies (Wire), which is visible only in the external sense but in the internal sense the same word indicates the invisible fourth item, the speaker (current).

When we say that the Lord spreads all over the human-body like current in the wire or dissolved sugar in water, even then, the Lord and the human body exist separately. Here the word human body indicates all the three bodies together. Therefore, the first part (the human body) should be also very careful about the other part (Lord). When Arjuna asked Lord Krishna to repeat the Gita after the war, Krishna replied that He could not repeat it because at that time the Yogeswara present in Him had told the Gita. The human incarnation is a two-in-one system. Even in the sugar solution the dissolved sugar molecules and water molecules co-exist. In the second angle the Lord and human body are closely associated like a transistor and a tape-recorder in one electronic instrument. In the third angle, the Lord and the human body are far from each other like the sun and a lens. Only the energy of sun enters the lens in this angle In the Gita,. when Krishna told that He was everything, it was the Yogeswara (the Lord) who was speaking.

When Krishna told that He could not repeat the Gita, it was the human body, which spoke like that. The Lord left the human body of Lord Krishna at the end. Arjuna cremated the dead gross body of the Lord. The subtle and causal bodies were not entangled in the cycle of Karma and therefore, both of them merged with the cosmic energy. Rama never spoke as Lord and worshipped the Lord. Buddha kept silent about the Lord and just lived like a saint. Even Sankara told in one of His prayers "O Lord, we both are qualitatively similar but differ quantitatively. The ocean is not in the wave but the wave is in the ocean". Sankara prayed to the Lord through several songs. Jesus cried at the end O Lord, why did you leave Me?" Shirdi Sai always spoke that the Lord is His master (Allah Malik). Sri Satya Sai mentions the word Sai only whenever He gives statements like "No power can oppose Him (Sai). Sri Ganapathi Satchidananda uses the word Swamiji when He states that He is not touched by these worldly aspects. All this proves that the human incarnation should also be careful about the egoism of the human body. Therefore, whatever analysis is given by Datta Swami regarding Datta Swami applies to all the human incarnations in the world in toto. Don't think that the above analysis is limited only to the case of Datta Swami. It is in general about the human incarnation.

However, the devotee should serve the human body of the Lord with a faith that the human body itself is the Lord. Otherwise the concept of two separate items will not serve the purpose of the devotee. The devotee is assured of direct vision, direct conversation etc., with the Lord through the human body. Therefore, to such first angle devotees, the human body is the Lord, which is possible by His super power. The examples of sugar solution and current-wire cannot explain the concept of the Lord completely. There is no example in this creation, which can give (illustrate) the concept of the Lord completely. The Lord and human body exist separately but close, for the people of second angle. The Lord and the human body exist separately and far from each other for the people of third angle. He exists according to the angle of the devotee. In fact dualism was shown by Krishna etc., from the point of a special concept. Whenever, a devotee or servant aspires to become human incarnation, the Lord fulfils it. Parasurama, a devotee, aspired for this and the Lord entered into his body, but when the Lord left, Parasurama continued to feel that he was the Lord. The Lord had to preach to him in the form of His next incarnation, Rama. Similarly, Balarama (Adisesha) also became a human incarnation. Adisesha is the L:ord's closest servant. The power of the Lord entered into the servant and he was placed in the list of ten incarnations of the Lord. But Balarama misused that power by killing Bhurisravasa, a pot maker, who was presiding over a sacrifice. Thus when a devotee or servant (Jeeva) becomes a human incarnation, there is a danger of posterior egoistic effect or misuse of granted powers. To warn His devotee or servant from such dangers, the Lord maintained dualism in His original incarnations like Krishna etc.,

You may ask a question "Why is the Lord so rigid in not transforming the individual soul (Jeeva) into the Lord Himself?" Jeeva (Y) is a part of the creation and the Lord is the Creator (X). Y can never be transformed into X. If Y is transformed into X, then the original X plus the new X obtained by transformation becomes larger. This would mean that the Lord grows whenever a soul is transformed. But the Lord never grows nor decreases. Therefore, the only way left is to destroy the soul and make it nothing. If that is done, it is the greatest loss to the soul. Moreover when the soul does not exist, how can it recognize that it has become the Lord? If the soul remains to grasp this result, the soul is not transformed into the Lord. Therefore, you should understand the logical implication and you should not be rigid to become the Lord. Radha never wanted to become the Lord. She wanted to remain separately and enjoy in the Lord. That soul is given higher position (Goloka) and was kept on the head of the Lord. When you are attain a higher position, why should you insist on an equal position?

The essence of the Vedas is the Gita. The essence of the Gita is to worship Krishna. Krishna is the human incarnation. What more proof you want for the concept that the human incarnation is the highest and complete for the human beings? The essence of Ramayana is only the service of Hanuman to Rama. Rama is a human incarnation. The essence of Bhagavatam is the unbroken stream of devotion of Radha for Krishna, who was a human incarnation. The essence of Mahabharatha is the Gita alone, which is the preaching of divine knowledge by a human incarnation to an ordinary human being. Arjuna stands as an example for the present human being. Arjuna never had full faith in Lord Krishna. He went to the Himalayas and did penance for Lord Shiva to get the Pasupata weapon to win the war. He could not understand that Krishna Himself was Shiva and that the Pasupata was already in the hands of Krishna. He could not grasp the divine knowledge given by Krishna and therefore, he requested Lord Krishna to repeat the Gita after the war. Even after hearing the Gita, on the eighteenth day, Arjuna did not get down from the chariot even though Lord Krishna ordered him to do so. This shows that he thought of Krishna only as an ordinary human being acting as a chariot-driver. Thus the essence of all the Vedas, the Gita and all the great epics is only the human incarnation for human beings. The energetic body incarnations of God, like Shiva and Vishnu are only for the souls, which go up after death covered by energetic bodies. Since the soul is in the medium of an energetic body, the Lord also appears in the same common medium for those departed souls.

The knowledge of God is called 'Brahma Jnana'. The first form of such knowledge is the recognition of God. You cannot recognize God if He is not experienced by you and He can be only experienced through the medium in which you are present. If you are satisfied only with a vision He can appear in many visions such as fish (Matsya Avatara). But if you want to talk with Him and clear your doubts, then He should be only in the human form. Thus Brahma Jnanam means the identification of the Lord who comes in your medium (human incarnation for human beings). Sankara told that unless the mind is completely purified (Chitta Suddhi), one is not eligible for Brahma Jnana or Jnana Yoga. This means that unless the mind gets rid of the impurities, which are egoism and jealousy, one is not eligible to identify the Lord. The biggest problem in this Brahma Jnana comes only when the preacher Himself reveals that He is the very Lord. The maximum limit of absorption of human minds is that

1) They can accept that the Lord comes in a particular human form

2) That all the human beings are not the human incarnations

3) That some past human incarnation, which is not alive today was the Lord.

This is the maximum limit of absorption of the divine knowledge. Had Lord Krishna told that Rama was the human incarnation and that the statue of Rama should be worshipped, Arjuna could have absorbed the Gita and would not have asked Krishna to repeat the Gita. What really shocked Arjuna was that Krishna told him that He (Krishna) Himself was the human incarnation present before his eyes. This one point always disturbs the human mind and such a shock leads to the negation or doubting the living human incarnation. Alternatively it may lead to the extension of the concept to all the human beings. Therefore, after the Gita, Arjuna doubted Krishna. When Sankara was preaching the Gita, His students could absorb the concept that Krishna was the human incarnation. But when Sankara told then that He (Sankara Himself) was God (Aham Brahma Asmi), the students extended the concept to themselves and spoke that they were also the God. Then Sankara swallowed molten lead and asked them also to do the same. Then they fell at His feet and praised Him as Shiva or God. Then Sankara replied "Shivah Kevaloham", which means; "Only I am the Shiva". Arjuna did not oppose or extend the concept to himself while he was listening to the Gita, because Krishna preached the Gita to him only after he fell at the feet of Krishna in complete surrender. Lord Shiva is always fast in blessing and therefore He preached to His disciples that He was God so that they would worship Him. (Lord Sankara was an incarnation of Lord Shiva). The result was a reaction in the wrong direction. They fell at His feet when the preaching was over and after Sankara demonstrated the concept to them practically.

The wrong direction of Advaita (non-duality) made by the followers of Sankara (in which they equated themselves to God), was simply due to their egoism and jealousy, which are the only two impurities. 'Atri' means the devotee who has got rid of the three types of egoism

1) Egoism due to wealth, relatives' etc.,

2) Egoism due to the energy of the body

3) Egoism due to knowledge, super powers etc.,)

'Anasuya' means the devotee who has got rid of jealousy. The Lord donated Himself to 'Atri' and 'Anasuya'. (The Lord incarnated as the son of Atri and Anasuya and was called Lord Dattatreya or Lord Datta). This means that the human incarnation, which is called as Datta reveals Himself and donates Himself only to the devotee, who has got rid of egoism and jealousy. As long as these two layers cover the eyes of the devotee, however much the Lord may try to donate Himself, the devotee will never accept the Lord. The repulsion with a living human incarnation comes naturally since likes repel each other. A present (living) human incarnation and any other human being are likes. Sankara laid down the path completely from the beginning to the goal with an intermediate stop-station. The beginning is the human being, who thinks that he is this gross body. By such superimposition he is attached to his body and the bodily bonds. The bodily-bonds are the bonds with wife (or husband) and children. The bond with the wife is only with her body. The bond with the children is also due to blood, which is also of body. For these bodily bonds, he is also attached to money. He asks the Lord for His help only for the sake of these bodily bonds. Here the word body means:

1) the gross body and

2) the subtle body, which is made of worldly feelings.

When he is detached from these two bodies, he remains with the causal body, i.e., the soul, which is pure awareness. When he identifies this soul and decides that he is the soul alone and not the other two bodies, he achieves two benefits:

1) He becomes peaceful and therefore, becomes very much energetic.

2) He looses all the worldly desires and becomes desire-less.

This is the middle station of the journey, which is called as self-achievement (self-realization) by self-analysis. The above two benefits are the prerequisites to attain the grace of the Lord. If he is energetic, he can do the service of the Lord with full efficiency. If he is desireless, he can serve the Lord without aspiring for anything in return. This is just like getting a rank in the entrance examination for the admission into an engineering college. By getting a rank in the entrance examination, one does not become an engineer. He can only get admission into an engineering college. He has to study the whole engineering course to become an engineer. Similarly, by attaining the Self, one has got only the eligibility to serve the Lord and finally to achieve His grace. The present Advaita (non-dualistic) scholars think that by attaining the Self, they have attained the Lord. They think that by realizing the Self, they have realized the Lord. Self-realization is not wrong and in fact it is essential for attaining the grace of the Lord, but to think that the self is the Lord is totally wrong. The Lord may come in the form of an individual soul or self. In this case, the word self (Atma) indicates the Lord in the form of the self. The word Self or Atma means the three human bodies. Atma means that which pervades or occupies. The gross body occupies some space. The subtle body occupies the gross body. The causal body occupies the subtle body. Thus the composite all these three bodies is called 'Self' or Atma. Thus achievement of self after the middle station again means meeting the Lord present in the composite of these three human bodies, which is generally called as human body.

Shri. C. Bala Krishna Murthy is the founder of this entire Mission. He recognized Swami and declared Him as Lord Datta. He coined this "Datta Swami" name. I often say to Him "You must be the director of CBI, since you have recognized the hidden Lord in the human body. You can detect any international thief". He has printed several books on Swami and written by Swami. He has recorded all the super natural miracles of Swami and published them as a book. He has also spent lot of his money and worked day and night to propogate this divine knowledge. Swami once announced and transferred his dangerous illness on to the human body of Swami and this devotee was out of danger from that minute. Swami created two streams of tears from the eyes of Lord Datta in a photo when his wife, Smt. Bhavani pressed Swami for a divine sign.

Next comes Ajay who is a gigantic personality in this Mission. His faith in Swami does not shake even in his dreams. Swami tried His best to shake his faith in several ways. Finally Swami was defeated and said to him "You are not Ajay (defeatable). You are Ajey (Undefeatable)". Ninety percent of the funding in this mission is only due to his sacrifice and he also leads very simple life. He keeps bare minimum for the needs of himself and his family and sacrifices all the rest for the Mission of Swami. He worked day and night in printing the books of Swami. Swami called him "You are the Garuda (the Divine Eagle). Even Swami has to depend on you to go to His eternal abode called Vaikunta". Whenever a devotee requests for the eternal abode, Swami points His finger to Ajay and says "Request him. Even I depend on his grace to go to My eternal abode". Swami is so much pleased with him and often says "I am the Lord theoretically and you are the Lord practically". It is not just the word of Swami, in fact all the devotees here praise him, "Sir, no one can fly to your height". The same Lord acted in the role of the Master called Rama and the same Lord acted in the role of the servant called as Hanuman. Similarly, the same Lord acts as the preacher called as Swami and the same Lord acts as the ideal devotee, serving the Lord in the name of Ajay to show the path to other real devotees. Swami is indebted to Ajay as long as this creation exists. Swami saved the life of his wife, Smt. Naga Lakshmi, when she had a brain hemorrhage and some critical nerves in the brain were cut. Swami cured it and doctors were astonished to see the nerves repaired at once as seen in her brain scans. Swami blessed Ajay by showing His Viswarupa and also showed him his previous birth where he was the main priest of Lord Venkateswara temple on Tirumala Hills in 1600 AD. He is the very embodiment of sacrifice of work and sacrifice of fruit of work.

The next gem is Phani. He holds an M.B.A. degree, and is a handsome young man. He rejected his job and has resolved to remain unmarried so that family life may not disturb his service to the Mission of the Lord. Is he not an unimaginable devotee of the Lord? Swami showed him the 'Atma Lingam' on His heart at midnight. It was radiating with the brilliance of a thousand-light-bulbs. He touched it and fell unconscious. Swami told that since he is 'Adisesha' himself, he could withstand the radiation. Swami blessed his mother Smt. Vasumati by giving her the vision of Lord Krishna on the Sri Krishna Ashtami festival. Due to extreme excitement on seeing the vision, her life was in danger. However Swami saved her. Phani's father, Shri. Bhimasankaram, prayed to Swami for a grandson. Swami moved His hand and told him that Swami was placing a son in the womb of his daughter-in-law (Phani's brother's wife). In that very month the daughter-in-law became pregnant and later delivered a son.

There are no words to explain the thirst for Swami's divine knowledge in the hearts of Shri. Ramanathan Iyer, Shri. G.Lakshman and Shri. P.Suryanarayana from Mumbai. They forego even food and sleep for the work of Swami. Their joy in this divine knowledge is infinite which always moves Swami. Both of them were blessed with the sweet fragrance of lotus flowers, which was suddenly created by Swami. Swami gave the vision of Lord 'Anantha Padmanabha' for one hour to Lakshman.

Smt. S. Gayathri Chandra Sekhar (Kuwait) and her daughters, Priyanka and Manasa have unshakeable faith on Swami. They cannot tolerate to hear even the slightest deviation in their faith. When Swami jokes in order to shake their faith, they prtest strongly at once. The work of Gayathri in this Mission is just unimaginable. Her husband, Shri. Chandra Sekhar, who is a generous person, serves this Mission sincerely by funding it. Smt. Gayathri and her daughters were blessed with the sweet fragrance of lotus flowers created by Swami in their apartment for one month continuously.

Smt. Padmaram a sweet singer of songs composed by Swami has a rock solid faith on Swami. She has composed several songs on Swami and propagates this divine knowledge continuously. When she took a photograph of the statue of Lord Krishna in her house, the face of Swami appeared in the place of the face of the statue, which proved that Lord Krishna was Swami Himself.

Shri. P. V. N. M. Sharma and Shri. M Prasad have an undisturbed faith in Swami and they treat Swami alone as their ultimate goal. Swami appeared bluish in color to Shri. Sarma through the lens of the camera when Sarma was about to take a photograph of Swami. Shri. Prasad prayed to Swami for a son and Swami gave a fruit to him. Soon Prasad got a son. Shri. A.Seshadri, a logical analyst in philosophy often appreciates the analytical sparks in the divine knowledge of Swami. His wife Smt. Lalitha and her daughter saw a pink coloured aura around Swami when Swami visited their house.

Shri. Nikhil, his wife Smt. Devi and Shri. Rohit Yadav (U.S.A.), who are recent devotees of Swami are the three eyes of Swami. The dashing firm decision of Shri. Rohit to fund this Mission in spite of obstructions melted the heart of Swami. Swami can explain all the sacred scriptures of all religions, but Swami fails to express His appreciation in words for Nikhil and Devi. They asked Swami about the measures to be taken to send their one and half year old daughter in future for the Mission of Swami! Swami has seen devotees obstructing their children who like to dedicate themselves to the Mission of Swami. Swami has seen a few devotees who do not object to their children going out for the Mission of Swami. But have you seen any parents who ask Swami for the measures to be taken to send their child for Swami's work? Nikhil and Devi are struggling day and night to bring out Swami's books into this world and they developed this wonderful web-site (www.universal-spirituality.org).

There are many other devotees who belong almost to this range and I have given a few as examples. Swami does not want any fame in this world. He is already bored with the infinite fame in His upper-most world and He descended to this earth for some relaxation. Swami sincerely wishes for the projection and fame of the real devotees and their sacrifice of work and sacrifice of fruit of their work. Compared to their sacrifice, the sacrifice of Swami in nothing. Swami's sacrifice is only the sacrifice of words and intelligence in the form of this divine knowledge. In fact even this is not a sacrifice because this divine knowledge is actually emitted by the Lord and it belongs to that invisible Lord. It does not belong to this visible human body or the invisible subtle and causal bodies, which are present in this visible outer most gross body. My devotees say that no incarnation revealed such wonderful knowledge so far. But Swami says, "No incarnation so far got such a good number of devoted gems". Blessed is Swami for getting such real devotees and Swami dedicates from His side all His books to His real devotees.