Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

॥श्री-राम-कीर्तनम् - भज भज भास्कर ॥

भज भज भास्करकुल-सञ्जातम्
रामं शार्ङ्ग धनुर्धरमेतम् (पल्लवी)

Pray, pray only to the Lord born in dynasty of the Sun-god; Rāma, holding the divine Śārṇga bow in His hand. (Chorus)

निष्काम-भक्ति-तपसा क्रीतम् । ज्ञानाग्नि-वचन-तेजश्शातम् ।
धर्मस्थापन-लक्ष्यमुपेतम् । साक्षान्नारायणमायातम् ॥१॥

He can be purchased by the penance of selfless devotion. He is the glowing one, who shoots fiery arrow-like statements of the truth. He is the bright dawn making justice rise in the world. He is Lord Nārāyaṇa who has arrived in human form.

वाल्मीकि-सुकवि-कविता-गीतम् । स्वादर्श-कथा-गङ्गापूतम् ।
हनुमद्भुज-पीठासन-नीतम् । केवल-सायक-दशमुख-पातम् ॥२॥

He is sung extensively by the great poet Valmīki. So pure is His story that it purifies even the purest river Ganga. He is seen sitting on the shoulders of Hanumān. He killed the ten-headed demon (Rāvaṇa) with a single arrow.

पट्टाभिषेक-सुर-समवेतम् । वामाङ्कासन-सीता-प्रीतम् ।
स्वचरित-गायक-कुशलवतातम् । सकल-चराचर-सूत्र-प्रोतम् ॥३॥

He sits on His golden throne at His coronation, surrounded by all the angels. He is highly pleased to have Sītā seated on His left lap. He is the Father of Kuśa and Lava, the singers of His life’s story. He is the central thread that strings together all creations of the cosmos.