Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

Shabdamekam Kathaya

Śabdamekaṃ Kathaya
Śabdamekaṃ kathaya, kathamapi ca datta! (Chorus)

O Datta! Please speak one word, at least, in whichever way You like.

Kaṇṭha śaṅkha tīrthaṃ, jñāna gaṅgāṅga!
O Embodiment of spiritual knowledge! O River Gaṅgā! That one word will be the holy water given by Your throat conch-shell.

[The water of the Gaṅgā itself is holy. When it is poured in a holy conch shell, it becomes even more holy. Generally, the throat is compared to a conch shell.]

Tattvasāra karakāṃ, vedānta varṣa!

O heavy rain of spiritual knowledge! That one word will be the condensed ice crystal, which will be the essence of spiritual knowledge. [Generally, in a heavy thunderstorm, along with rain, some hailstones, which are ice crystals also fall.]

Mohādri bhedakaṃ, vijñāna vajra!

O Bearer of scientific logic, the diamond weapon! That one word will be breaker of the hill of worldly fascination.


[It is told that Indra cut the wings of flying hills with his diamond weapon. Similarly, one word of God Datta breaks all worldly fascinations.]