Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

Kāṣāya Cela! Kaparda Kāla!

Kāṣāya Cela! Kaparda Kāla!
Nato’smi Datta! Karuṇācitta! (Chorus)

O Red Robed One! O One with black matted hair! O kind hearted One! O Datta, I salute to You.

suvacana gīta jñāna bhaktyā ।
kriyā phalāśā veśyābhaktiḥ ॥

The worst form of devotion is veśyā bhakti or prostitution devotion. It involves worshiping God by theoretical knowledge and theoretical devotion, aspiring some practical fruit from God. A prostitute also cleverly speaks sweet words and sings love songs for people, aspiring for their money.

Kriyā phalābhyāṃ kriyā phalāni ।
kraya vikrayatā vaiśyabhaktiḥ ॥

A better form of devotion is vaiśya bhakti or business devotion. Here, the devotee aspires for some practical fruit from God in return for the practical expression of his devotion. Such devotion is basically the business of buying and selling. A businessman also gives a practical item in exchange for practical money.

santānārthaṃ kriyā phalāni ।
vinā phalaṃ yadapatyabhaktiḥ ॥

Apatya bhakti or child-devotion is the best. It is being devoted to God as one is devoted to one’s children. In such devotion the devotee, without the aspiration for any fruit in return from God, expresses practical devotion to God. Expressing practical devotion includes the offering (sacrifice) of service and the sacrifice of the fruit of one’s work. This is like the true love that parents have for their own children. The love of parents for their children is proved to be true by the fact that they practically serve their children when they are kids and pass on the entire fruit of their work (wealth, property etc.) to them, irrespective of how the children treat them.