Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

Niṣkāmakarma Janā Dvividham

Niṣkāmakarma Janā Dvividham,
Jātāya Dadhati Na Te Tu Datta

O Datta! Niṣkāma karmayoga or practical love without aspiration for any fruit in return, which is of two parts i.e. service and sacrifice is done by the people for the sake of their issues, but, not for Your sake.

asādhyamiti cet sarvatrā'stu,
ekatra sādhya mayukta meva

If people say that such service and sacrifice without aspiration for fruit in return is impossible, OK, let it be impossible everywhere. They can’t justify their inability of this in the case of God when the same is possible in the case of their issues. Impossible can’t be possible in one place and impossible in another place.

dayāpi vācyā na tattvavidā,
sarvaṃ yayā''karṣaṇameva

A scholar knowing the essence of any concept shall not pray even for the grace of You because Your grace brings all types of good fruits. In the devotion, there shall be only one reason, which is the strongest attraction to God and not quid pro quo.

ekadiggati satya premā,
dātuṃ śakyaṃ kiṃ na te tu

True love is always one way traffic only because two way traffic love is business or unreal love. If one maintains the true love to You, what is impossible for You, the omnipotent, to give to devotee?