Shri Datta Swami

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Kevala Śabdo Devatā Kim?

Kevala Śabdo Devatā Kim?
Jñānabhaktyā Sevā Hi Datta! (Chorus)

O Datta! Is mere sound of a word divine? The knowledge, devotion and service with sacrifice are really divine.

{Pūrvamīmāsakas say that mere word by its sound is God and they don’t give importance to the meaning or knowledge of the word, which alone can lead to devotion and subsequent service with sacrifice. The service and sacrifice are called practice to which these people give lot of importance. But, such practice can result only from the knowledge preached by the words of the scripture only.}

sphaṭike bhinne śabdamātrāt,
vijñānamataṃ vivṛṇoti khalu ।।

If a crystal breaks by the sound of a word itself, it is just a scientific phenomenon of sound energy and there is no divinity in it. Energy in a particular frequency can do such works.

ananya bhinne bhāvabhaktiḥ,
kevala niṣṭhā jñānajanyā ।।

If the crystal breaks by the word uttered by a specific devotee only, it means that it is due to the devotion to God generated by the feeling, which is generated by the knowledge of that word and hence, it is specific and not general.

andha patitaṃ vedaṃ tyajantu,
jñānabodhaṃ vicārayantu ।।

Please leave the blind recitation of the Holy Scripture. Please enquire into the knowledge preached by the Holy Scripture that generates devotion and practice. Practice alone can bring the divine fruit.

{Sages say that the Holy scripture must be studied and known “Sāṇgo vedo'dhyetavyo jñeyaśca”. The Veda itself means knowledge. Study or Adhyayana also means knowledge. Jñeya clearly means the knowledge which is to be known. Hence, knowledge is very very important and not mere inert sound energy as propagated by Pūrvamīmāṃsakas “śabdamātra devatā”.}