Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

ekato datta! gītāsāraḥ

ekato datta! gītāsāraḥ
premobhayato vāṇijyaṃ hi । (Chorus)

O God Datta! The essence of the Gītā is that true love is from one side only irrespective of the other side. If love is expected from other side also, it is only business.

unmattānuga ekopamā,
rājakīya calacitra naṭasya ॥

The only comparative example in this entire world is the love of a mad fan for a movie hero or a political leader.

paśye'paśye dhanakriyābhyam
kevala mākarṣaṇa manyataḥ ॥

Whether the other side looks at him/her or not, the true lover loves the other side with practical devotion of service and sacrifice. True love is simply the attraction coming from one side only, not expecting anything from other side in return.
{Service or Saṃnyāsa is sacrifice of work (Karmasaṃnyāsa) and Sacrifice or Tyāga is sacrifice of fruit of work (Karmaphalatyāga).}

prāṇatyāgaḥ kriyate mṛtau
dhana kalahe sati kuṭumbināṃ tu ॥

The mad fan is busy to commit suicide in the situation of death of the other side while the family members of other side after returning from the burial ground are busy with quarrels for their shares of the wealth of the other side!