Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

gehī prema tyāga parīkṣyam

gehī prema tyāga parīkṣyam
saṃnyāsī tu svagatir datta ॥ (Chorus)

O God Datta! The true love of a householder shall be tested only by Karmaphalatyāga and not by Karmasaṃnyāsa. The true love of a Saint can be tested only by Karmasaṃnyāsa, which alone is left with him.)
{A Saint begs for his own food and hence, none can even dream Karmaphalatyāga in the case of the Saint. He is leftover with one option only, which is Karmasaṃnyāsa. Hence, the Saint can be tested only in Karmasaṃnyāsa and not in Karmaphalatyāga.}

madhyamapada māsaktiṃ mā bhaja
karmajamiti ca vigraha uktaḥ ॥

O Greedy grammarian! Don’t stand on the intermediate word “attachment” or “Āsakti” that is brought by you (Adhyāhāra) in the compound word “Karmaphalatyāga” and make the compound word as “Karmaphalāsaktityāga”! Expecting your mischief, God Kṛṣṇa already made the breakage (Vigraha) of this compound word or Samāsa in the beginning of the Gītā itself (2nd chapter) as:- “Karmajaṃ buddhiyuktā hi, phalaṃ tyaktvā manīṣiṇaḥ”, which means that Wise scholars do the sacrifice of fruit of their work and not the Sacrifice of the attachment to the fruit of their work!)

yasya svāmyaṃ tasya tyāgaḥ ।
pūrṇā'pūrṇau gamya mārgau ॥

(The question of sacrifice comes only regarding the item owned by the devotee and it will never come at all regarding the item not owned by the devotee. The total sacrifice of owned item is the goal whereas the partial sacrifice of the owned item is the path.)

[God’s test will be always regarding your owned item and not the item not owned by you. Whatever you may possess, it is immaterial. God begged for food only because Saktuprastha was having some food with him. One should not think that if total sacrifice is not done, partial sacrifice is waste. Total sacrifice is the goal whereas the partial sacrifice is the path. Without path, goal can never be achieved.]

sarva svāmī nirmama eva ।
pautra yācanā pitāmahasya ॥

(God is the owner of entire world and hence, He is not in need of anything or any (body. He begs you to test your real love towards Him. It is just like a grandfather, who bought and brought the packet of biscuits for his grandson and is begging his grandson for a bit of biscuit while grandson is eating the biscuits.)

[The Veda says that God has no aspiration for anything (āpta kāmasya kā spṛhā…). The Gītā also says that there is nothing in this creation, which is not attained by God and which is attainable for God (Nānavāpta mavāptavyam…). The grandfather bought and brought a packet of biscuits secretly and gave to his daughter-in-law to give to his grandson as if she purchased the biscuits. If the grandson knows that biscuits were purchased by the grandfather, the grandson himself may give a biscuit to grandfather in terms of gratitude. Hence, the grandfather kept all this as secret to test the real love of his grandson. Similarly, God gives you wealth, which you think you have earned by your talent. With this hidden background, the divine test starts.]