Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

īrṣyā hantā bhañjaka datta!

īrṣyā hantā bhañjaka datta!
yajñopanayau strīṇāmeva! (Chorus)

O God Datta, the breaker of jealousy and ego! The performance of sacrifice and the Gāyatrī-Upanayanam ritual are really attained by females only and not by males!

puṃsāṃ nobhau svargata patanāt
pākayajñāt madhura gānāt ॥

The males missed both Yajña and Gāyatrī-Upanayanam because they have forbidden these two in the case of females with ego and jealousy of gender. One will fall in his own pit finally! The reason is that the male neither cooks the food, serving hungry, which is real Yajña nor sings sweet songs on God to become close to God, which is the real Gāyatrī-Upanayanam. Only females are doing both these!

vedo jñānaṃ sarve jīvāḥ
tadadhikṛtaḥ na hi śabdo hyarthaḥ ॥

The word Veda means the Spiritual knowledge to which all the souls irrespective of their caste, gender and religion are eligible. The Veda does not mean mere words; it means only the knowledge of the words since the meaning of the root word of the Veda is Knowledge “Vidul Jñāne”.

avatāra satya bodha hanane
prāgapi samā mūḍha gurūṇām ॥

Not only the west, but also the east became equal to west in killing the human incarnation preaching the true knowledge through the plan of ignorant foolish priests.
{In west, Jesus, the human incarnation was killed by the priests for preaching true Spiritual knowledge of the Scripture. Similarly, in the east also, Dayānanda, the human incarnation was killed by the priests for preaching the true knowledge of the Veda!}