Shri Datta Swami

Bhakti Ganga (Devotional Songs) — English  Telugu  Hindi

kāṣāya paṭa! jñāna teja!

(Sung by Smt. Devi)

kāṣāya paṭa! jñāna teja!
udyadāditya! tamo'nta datta! (Chorus)

O Datta, the one wearing saffron robe preaching Spiritual knowledge looking like rising red sun with white radiation! You put an end to Tamas or ignorance or darkness.

mātā janako bhāryā putrā
ajñā guravo nānā divyāḥ ॥

The various bonds are mother, father, wife or husband, children, ignorant preachers and various divine forms.
{Various divine forms of the same God create various religions and sub-religions to bring quarrels to hate other divine forms.}

cakraṃ padmaṃ bandha bhramadam
māyā vakraṃ sarpa gamanam  ॥

These 6 bonds are compared to whirlpools in the worldly ocean or lotus flowers that attract the swimmer and black bee to rotate them respectively by attraction. The curved journey of Kuṇḍalinī or soul like that of a serpent is the illusion to be used by the soul to cross these bonds.
{If the serpent goes straight through these opposing bonds, which are rotating wheels, the serpent will be cut into pieces. Similarly, if the Spiritual soul deals these bonds straight, the bonds will either oppose the soul or the soul will oppose the bonds generating tension to both sides. Instead, if the bonds oppose the Spirituality of the soul without co-operation, the soul can act love externally in a curved way to pacify the bonds and can proceed in Spiritual way secretly. This is not sin because this is not done for the sake of an illegal worldly bond, but, is done for the sake of God.}

upamāna bhrama saccidupamā
yogajñastvaṃ yogi rāja!

All these comparisons given above like wheels, lotus flowers, serpent-Kuṇḍalinī, lotus with thousand petals etc., are not to be taken in real sense. Similarly, the awareness being the best created item is compared to God, which shall not be taken in real sense. O Yogirāja or the king of Spiritual aspirants! You alone know the real meaning of the word Yoga.
{Yoga means fortunate union of the human being with the contemporary human incarnation or the fortunate union of the energetic being with energetic incarnation. This is the actual meaning of the word Yoga.}