Shri Datta Swami

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॥किमस्ति दत्ते कमले॥

किमस्ति दत्ते कमले, विमुक्तशीले विमले? (पल्लवी)

O pious Kamalā! What is there in Datta, a characterless fellow?

[This bhajan is written in an ironic tone (nindāstuti alaṅkāra). It appears as if Lord Datta is being criticized (nindā), but actually, the reverse is true. The excellent qualities of Lord Datta are being praised indirectly (stuti).]


वर्षसहस्रं महर्षिलोके, सरसीकूले निरीक्षमाणे,
आलिङ्गितोऽयं दिगम्बराङ्ग्या, साक्षात् ददृशे दिगम्बराङ्गः! ।।

Sages waited on the banks of a lake for a thousand years to see Datta. Then He appeared in the form of a naked person, embraced by a naked lady!

[A person wearing no clothes (digambara) is not fit to be seen by anybody. So, we say that nobody can see a person not wearing any clothes. The unimaginable God is not visible. He is not even imaginable. He is compared to a naked person who cannot be seen by anybody. Datta appearing before the sages without any clothes indicates the state of the unimaginable God who cannot be seen or imagined by anyone. In this sense, Datta is called Digambara, which means that He indicates the unimaginable God or ParaBrahman, who cannot be seen or imagined by anyone. The naked lady (digambaraṅgī) embracing Datta before the sages indicates the unimaginable power of the unimaginable God. She is His Māyā Śakti.]


यस्मिन् दृष्टे विच्छिद्यन्ते, -बन्धाः सुत-पति-रूपाः,
तदेकबन्धात् सर्व-विमुक्तिः, स्वार्थं पश्य प्रभुताह्येवम्! ।।

If one is close to Him, all the bonds with one’s family get cut immediately. His bond cannot tolerate the presence of any other bonds. See His monarchy and selfishness!

[When one tastes the divine nectar, the bonds with all worldly drinks like coffee, cold drinks etc., automatically drop by themselves. Even if one is forced to drink any other drink, one will refuse the worldly drinks due to the strong bond developed with the divine nectar. God Datta is like the divine nectar due to which all the remaining worldly bonds are spontaneously dropped. One should not try to drop or cut one’s worldly bonds like the bonds with one’s family. By such external detachment (vairāgya), God Datta can never be attained. It only appears as if the divine nectar (God Datta) is cutting off all worldly drinks (worldly bonds). But it is not really doing so. The bonds are dropping off naturally and spontaneously. The devotee should try to develop attachment to God and never try to forcibly detach from the worldly bonds.]


एकान्तं नः साधक-योग्यं, यो वेदान्तार्थैः,
नृत्यति स हि नव-रास-विलासी, बृन्दावन-भुवि गोपी-बृन्दैः!

He preaches spiritual knowledge to us, asking us to remain aloof and detached from the family. But He dances with the Gopikās in a new romantic style at Bṛndāvanam!