Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 15 Mar 2018



Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

(Scripture of Knowledge of God)
(Uttaraardha Charchaa - Second Half Part Discussion)

1) Ajnaataparidhiraakaashasyaasti Brahmaviditah yadanantaram nohyamaparimaanam syaadeva vijnaanamaunam naastikajalpah.

[Science discussed a lot about the boundary of space and beyond it. This boundary is unreachable for any human being and hence, is called as infinite. Unreachable need not be infinite. The finite space also can be unreachable since very very long finite space is also unreachable. Since space is creation of God, its boundary must be known to omniscient God and hence, space must be finite and unreachable for humanity. If it is finite, beyond it, something should exist. Science itself asks about the nature of the item present beyond the boundary wall of space. Anything beyond space is unimaginable. The reason is that an item beyond space must not have space in it. It must not have spatial dimensions and hence, must not have volume. Even if you concentrate for millions of years, you cannot imagine a volumeless item. Hence, space is finite having boundary, which is unreachable by us, beyond which some unimaginable item must exist, which is called as unimaginable God by us. If space is infinite, it must not have boundary. Hence, science calls space as infinite without boundary and therefore, there is nothing beyond its non-existent boundary. Hence, there is no reference of God in science. But, we prove the existence of unimaginable God, who is the source of unimaginable miracles seen in the world. Beyond the boundary of imaginable space (hence, we say that space is finite having boundary), proper place must be given to an unimaginable item that is proved by miracles. Science, unable to give the reason behind miracles, neither accepts these miracles (due to the inability of explanation) nor rejects miracles since these miracles are seen in the world. Hence, science is silent about God and miracles. This is sincere right path of research. Atheists are not scientific since they abandon miracles saying that miracles are simply magic. In case of genuine miracle, they say that science will explain these miracles tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes! Science never says so!]

2) Nityavyaaptiraakaashasya suradrushtyaa samanvitah shruteh.

[Science says that space is expanding constantly. But, Einstein feels that space is totally non-existent. There is no meaning of expansion of non-existent item. If you treat space as infinite and say that the universe consisting of energy and matter is expanding, such expansion must result in the decrease of its density and disintegration of items in the universe, which are not experienced by us. You can say that fresh energy is created, which is converting into matter (and awareness also if you feel that awareness exists apart from the earth), then, the expansion of the universe is possible. In such case, there is no harm in saying that space is also a form of subtle energy and constant creation of energy means constant creation of space or subtle energy and subsequent constant creation of matter (and awareness). This means that the universe or space is constantly being created. This constant expansion (by creation) of the space or universe is needed to prove that the space is expanding so that no human being can reach the boundary of space and see the unimaginable item existing beyond it. This means that unreachable nature of space is not inherent characteristic of the space itself, but, is relative due to the impossibility of human being to touch the unimaginable God existing beyond it. You may doubt that the humanity is not travelling with such high velocity so that the present existing finite space has to expand further to make the human being unable to touch the unimaginable God. It is true if the reference is humanity only. In this creation, apart from humanity on the earth, there are upper energetic worlds in which energetic beings called as angels exist. Even if these energetic beings (angels) travel with very high terrible velocity, they are also unable to touch the boundary of space so that they cannot touch the unimaginable God. For such requirement, the space has to expand with more speed so that all the boundaries extend further by which even the angels do not touch the boundary of space. The Veda says that even angels could not obtain the unimaginable God (Nainat devaa aapnuvan…). Hence, the expansion of universe is with reference to the angels and not with reference to the humanity. Thus, the constant expansion of the universe proposed by science is correlated with the Vedic statement.]


(To be continued…)