Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 16 Apr 2018



Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

(Scripture of Knowledge of God)

9) Anuuhyashakteranekatvaat sarvashaktimat naraavataarena

Bhuumim praveshtum shaknoti taduchitameva vaatsalyaat.

[Observation of a miracle in this world proves one type of unimaginable power. There are several types of miracles proving that there are several types of unimaginable powers (Paraasya shaktirvividhaiva — Veda). Since the unimaginable power is unimaginable God (as said by us), you shall not say that several types of unimaginable Gods result. Agreeing to such result, we bring the rule again that several unimaginable items can’t exist. Any number of unimaginable items must result as one unimaginable item only. We call such unimaginable item by the name God, to be more careful, we clearly call it as unimaginable God.

The multidimensional unimaginable power proved through different types of miracles means that God is omnipotent and hence, is omniscient also. He can do any unimaginable miracle—means that He is omnipotent. The acceptance of existence of impersonal or abstract God (as accepted by Einstein) is sufficient for us, who is the intellectual item controlling all the physical laws of this world since theism is accepted. It is already proved above that God is omnipotent, which means that God is powerful to do anything, whether it is imaginable or unimaginable. In such case, if we say that God became the human incarnation and entered this world, you can’t object this since it is proved that God is omnipotent. There are some religions, which agree in the existence of omnipotent God, yet, disagree to the human incarnation. It is their self-contradiction. If they say that God can’t become human incarnation, it means they are contradicting their own concept that God is omnipotent. Then, they shall say that God has all powers except this one power. In such case, the word ‘Omnipotent’ must be withdrawn. They may argue that God is omnipotent and can become human incarnation, but, doesn’t become so since it is improper to His greatest status (Anauchitya). This argument is also wrong because to become human incarnation is proper (Auchitya) only. When the child is weeping for its king –father to get a biscuit from his hands, will the king-father refuse it saying that it is below his dignity and ask the servant to give it to his child? Is he so foolish, so egoistic and so mad of his dignity to hurt his own child? He will come personally and give biscuit to his child with his own hands. By doing so, the father also gets immensely pleased enjoying the climax of love! Hence, personal God or human incarnation is not only possible but also quite proper. Some climax devotees are crying to see God in person and talk with Him directly to clarify all their doubts. Their desire is also justified because human beings can’t clear the doubts so effectively as the divine Father can do it. Therefore, human incarnation is a total truth. The unimaginable God merges totally with the human form and becomes one with It. Hence, the devotees have seen the unimaginable God directly to talk with Him and to serve Him directly and their wish is fulfilled truly without any trick. The Gita says that God comes through human form (Maanusheem tanumaashritam).]