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Posted on: 13 May 2018



Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

(Scripture of Knowledge of God)

(Uttaraardha Charchaa - Second Half Part Discussion)

14) Ahamtaasuuye vinaa vishleshanam tyaajye dvaitaadvaite cha tasya satya premaiva paramakaaranam bhavati.

[The main problem in identifying the human incarnation is ego based jealousy towards co-human beings due to repulsion between common media, which is especially becoming prominent in accepting a co-human being to be the highest God. The undisturbed characteristics of a human medium like hunger, thirst, sex, sleep, illness etc., influence our mind in the opposite direction. Sometimes, the human incarnation exhibits the negative qualities of Rajas and Tamas also for the sake of specific requirements of the program, which may be:- i) To test very high level devotees for their detachment from strong worldly bonds as seen in the testing of Gopikas by Lord Krishna (The three strongest worldly bonds or Eshanaas are bonds with wealth, issues and life partner. The former two bonds were tested by stealing the butter-wealth preserved for issues. The later third bond is tested by dancing with Gopikas.) and, ii) To freely mix initially with such devotees having similar negative qualities in order to reform them slowly and iii) To repel the undeserving sinners trying to come close with the human incarnation in order to exploit It for selfish benefits.

The jealousy is so much that one doesn’t have patience to analyze the facts of the statement given by human incarnation. If it (human incarnation) says that it is the human incarnation, suddenly jealousy comes into our mind without doing analysis of such statement. If somebody is speaking excellent knowledge or doing a miracle and says that he is the human incarnation of God, immediately, we think that he is projecting himself as the speaker of the excellent knowledge or doer of that miracle. It is totally wrong feeling. By saying that he is the human incarnation of God, he is projecting God only by such statement. It means that God merged with him totally and is speaking that spiritual knowledge or doing that miracle. If he says that he is not the human incarnation, in such case, he is projecting himself since it means that he is speaking that spiritual knowledge or he is doing that miracle. Hence, we should be jealous against a person on speaking excellent spiritual knowledge or doing a miracle, if he says that he is not the human incarnation. We shouldn’t be jealous if he says that he is the human incarnation on speaking excellent spiritual knowledge or on doing a miracle. The speed of our jealousy is so fast that our minds are blocked to do the analysis, due to which we are always reverse to the truth.

One need not underestimate his soul acting as an actor and overestimate the role acted by the other actor. A soul may be in the role of human incarnation and the role may have value, but, the soul as an actor, may have less value. The role of Parashurama has very high value being the God. But, as an actor, sage Parashurama has least value due to ego and got insulted by God Rama. The role of Hanuman or Radha has least value as devotee. But, as actor, the soul has higher value and Hanuman or Radha was never insulted. Parashurama had the quality of anger. His anger was directed towards bad kings when God stayed in him. When God left him, his anger was directed towards a good soul, Rama and hence, he was insulted. Therefore, monism or dualism is not the point. The extent of practical devotion of a soul on God by which the real love of God on soul is generated, is the main point. A father has two sons, one staying with him (monism) and other staying far from him (dualism). The real love between father and son is important for the father to help the son. He may not help the son staying with him due to lesser real love between them. He may help more the son staying far from him due to more real love between them. A human father may be cheated by false love of a son exhibited, but, the divine Father is omniscient and can never be fooled by any soul.

A cinema is taken on a devotee and the actor selected for the role of that devotee is a famous hero and is paid one crore remuneration. The role of God in that cinema appearing now and then is done by an ordinary guest artist, who was paid one lack remuneration only. If you confine to the limits of cinema only, the role as God is far higher than the role as devotee. But, when both the actors of the two roles come to the office of the producer of the cinema to receive their respective remunerations based on their performance as actors, the actor played in the role of devotee is far higher than the actor played in the role of God. The actor playing in the role of devotee really becomes more fortunate since he is having the chance of becoming the master of God-servant in the climax of the path of devotion. The actor playing in the role of God as human incarnation becomes only equal to the God. By this analysis also, we must not have jealousy on the human incarnation and must value the path of devotion of a real devotee.

If My neighbour is ascending more than Me, I can be jealous towards him and if I take My jealousy in right direction, I will also try to ascend. If My jealousy is in wrong direction, I will either pull down his leg or at least criticize him bitterly. But, in the concept of human incarnation, no human soul can ascend and cross the imaginable domain to enter the unimaginable domain to become unimaginable God. The last phase of this imaginable domain (world) is space, which can never be crossed by any soul. The human incarnation results only when the unimaginable God descends down from His unimaginable domain and enter the imaginable domain by crossing the unimaginable link between unimaginable domain and imaginable space (due to His unimaginable power) to become My neighbour imaginable human being. Hence, the human incarnation is descended God (Avataara) but not the ascended human being (Uttaara). My neighbour never ascended and hence, I need not be jealous about him. It is just purely the will of God that My neighbour became human incarnation. Perhaps, God found some suitable quality in him useful for the service to humanity in Pravrutti and Nivrutti, based on which only incarnation results. There is only one bad quality disliked by God, which is selfishness, due to which the human soul will not be selected for human incarnation since it has to work for the welfare of other souls. God will not mind other bad qualities, if selfishness is absent and sacrifice exists in its place. The only good quality liked by God is sacrifice for incarnation since it is the main requisite to work for the sake of others as incarnation. A person having all bad qualities, but, possessing only one good quality, sacrifice, will be selected by God for incarnation like a hut with all defects, but, having good scented odour. A person having all good qualities, but, selfish, is rejected in the selection of medium for incarnation like a palace with all merits possessing bad odour.

Jesus was a genuine incarnation, but, was crucified by defective devotees due to their ego and jealousy since He indicated that He was human incarnation of God by saying that He is truth and light. To avoid this danger from defective devotees, Mohammad, even though another human incarnation of God, eradicated this concept and confined to unimaginable God called as Allah only (at maximum, energetic incarnation was accepted since Allah was found as light also). In the same way, Swamy Dayananda, even though a human incarnation of God, also eradicated this concept on a different background of exploitation of innocent devotees done by false human incarnations. Even then, He was killed by the defective devotees by poisoning His food since He condemned certain blind traditions. Hence, jealousy is not based on the concept of human incarnation only, but, is also based on the greatness of My neighbour in any way!

In order to avoid ego based jealousy towards the human form of God, one shall stop ego based jealousy towards co-human beings as training for not repelling the human form of God. One must come out of repulsion between common media by serving the humanity with respect, love and devotion. This is the meaning of the slogan that serving humanity is serving God. Sometimes, this also becomes true since some human being may be a hidden human incarnation! This training certainly helps you to recognize and serve the human incarnation. The service done by you to the humanity without aspiration for any fruit in return becomes also the training for the similar service that has to be done by you to the human form of God. If you serve the humanity aspiring for the fruit (votes) in return, you become a politician only in the political field, but, not a devotee in the spiritual field!

The main identification of human incarnation is true spiritual knowledge, which is the inseparable associated characteristic of God as said in the Veda and the Gita (Satyam Jnaanam…, Jnaaniitvaatmaiva…). The true spiritual knowledge alone gives the right direction to the souls in the spiritual efforts and hence, this is only the real need of any soul from God descended down in human form.


(To be continued…)