Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Oct 2021


Can we say that Prakruti also includes the first energetic incarnation God Datta?

Shri Anil asked: In Your answer to Ms. Thrylokya question which was beautifully presented on 02/10/2021 in the Enlgish Sastang by Dr. Nikhil, the following conclusion was given: “The conclusion is that Datta is a finite part of Prakruti into which Aadishakti or Maayaa (Mahaamaayaa) is merged perfectly. Aadiparaashakti means the Aadishakti or Maayaa (Mahaamaayaa) and the entire Prakruti without merge between both. Since both Aadishakti (Maayaa or Mahaamaayaa) and Paraashakti (Prakruti) exist in both Aadiparaashakti and God Datta, we can say that both God Datta and Aadiparaashakti are one and the same.”

In the above definition You said that Adiparashatki = Adishakti + Entire creation without merge between Adishakti and Prakurti.

a) My doubt is that once we mention the word Prakruti, can we say that it also includes the first energetic incarnation God Datta also in it since He is also a part of creation but with unimaginable God merged in Him?

b) During dissolution of the world; God Datta will remain untouched as He is eternal. What about other forms like God Brahma, God Vishnu, God Shiva, Goloka, Brahma Loka and all other worlds including hell; will all these forms of God and different worlds also disappear in to God Datta as Avyaktam?]

Swami replied:- a) Before the merge of Muula Maayaa or unimaginable God with the created first energetic form, the first energetic form is called only as Datta and not God Datta. Datta is a tiny part of the whole creation or Prakruti. After merge with unimaginable God, Datta became God Datta and gets separated from the entire Aadiparaashakti. Since such merge does not exist in Aadiparaashakti, we are able to distinguish Aadiparaashakti from God Datta. Goddess Anaghaa, the wife of God Datta is also another finite energetic form created by Aadishakti or unimaginable God with which also the unimaginable God merged. In this root sense, God Datta and Goddess Anaghaa are exactly one and the same, but, Goddess Anaghaa is in the role of wife of God Datta with serving behaviour whereas God Datta is in the role of husband being served by Goddess Anaghaa. Goddess Anaghaa is in this role to guide the devotees. The devotees are ordinary souls having the opportunity to become even masters of God Datta through dualistic devotion.

b) Everything and everybody other than God Datta exist in God Datta as unexpressed form called Avyaktam like the cinema existing in the film role after the end of exhibition of cinema on the screen. Dissolution means that the entire creation is transferred from the exhibited state to hidden state. No fool destroys the film reel after the end of the exhibition of cinema-show on the screen.