Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 15 Jan 2022


Can You explain Pravritti and Nivritti in view of the two statements, which are that means justify ends and ends justify means?

[A question by Ms. Lakxmi Thrylokya]

Swami Replied:- Let us take two different examples of pravrutti and nivrutti. The pravrutti example is Rama killing Vaali, hiding Himself behind a tree. Here, means are wrong and the end is justified. End is justified because killing the sinner Vaali is justified. The means are not justified because it is like dropping a bomb in the midnight where people are sleeping. The means and the end belong to pravrutti only in this example. Hence, in this example, end can’t justify the means. Therefore, the fruit of the sin of means was received by Raama in the next birth while He was born as Krishna. A hunter also killed Krishna by mistaking the foot seen by the hunter as Deer. The second example of Nivrutti is Gopikas getting salvation by dancing with Krishna in illegitimate way. Just like in the above example, in this example also end is justified and the means are not justified. But here, the fruit of the sin of means did not hit Gopikas because the end justifies means.

The conclusion is that in pravrutti case (even it is done by Lord Raama), means justify ends. In Nivrutti case (even though it is done by souls only), the end justifies means. This means that if the goal is the most sacred God, any sinful worldly matter can be justified because for the sake of God even justice shall be crossed. If the goal is worldly matter, even if God is the doer, the end cannot justify the means.