Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Sep 2020


Can You please comment on the striking similarities between Your Knowledge and some verses from the Hadith?

Shri Anil asked: Swami I observed lot of resemblance with Your Knowledge and some verses from Hadith as given below. Please give Your comment.

[The Messenger of Allah () said, “He who follows a path in quest of knowledge, Allah will make the path of Jannah easy to him. The angels lower their wings over the seeker of knowledge, being pleased with what he does. The inhabitants of the heavens and the earth and even the fish in the depth of the oceans seek forgiveness for him. The superiority of the learned man over the devout worshipper is like that of the full moon to the rest of the stars (i.e., in brightness). The learned are the heirs of the Prophets who bequeath neither dinar nor dirham but only that of knowledge; and he who acquires it, has in fact acquired an abundant portion.” I heard the Messenger of Allah () saying, “May Allah freshen the affairs of a person who hears something from us and communicates it to others exactly as he has heard it (i.e., both the meaning and the words), for it may be that the recipient of knowledge understands it better than the one who has heard it.” The Messenger of Allah () said, “He who is asked about knowledge (of religion) and conceals it, will be bridled with a bridle of fire on the Day of Resurrection”. “The Messenger of Allah() said, "He who does not acquire knowledge with the sole intention of seeking the Pleasure of Allah but for worldly gain, will not smell the fragrance of Jannah on the Day of Resurrection.”]

Swami replied: Attaining spiritual knowledge from the human form of God and propagating it in the world is the highest goal of any reformed and liberated devotee. It is necessary for the smooth running of the world on the lines of peace and happiness. God is extremely pleased with the devoted soul who thus learns and propagates spiritual knowledge. There is nothing higher than this ultimate goal of the spiritual path. This work must be done by the devoted soul in order to please God and not in order to please humanity and get worldly fame. This is a very important point that is mentioned in the last statement of the passage quoted above. Mere social service without devotion to God is useless since it only gives temporary heaven. Social service based on devotion to God is fruitful since it brings the eternal grace of God upon the soul.


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