Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 30 Jul 2020


Could You please help me understand my divine vision of Lord Shiva and Paarvati?

[Shri Martin Evind asked: Dear Swami, Pranams Some years ago I needed to make a decision about renting an office space for natural healing therapy. Wanting to have some clarity about this decision, I sat down to meditate. Sitting there being fully aware of my surroundings while my eyes were closed, an experience appeared of Lord Shiva sitting with Parvati by his side. He sat staring blissfully while she had her arm around his waist pulling herself closer to him even though there was no space between them. I viewed this completely unexpected vision in awe and amazement. Suddenly l was viewing the divine couple from behind, and saw a younger male devotee with shaved head, golden skin and aura standing before them. He was unknown to me. Your comments on this would be a blessing to me. Thank you. Pranams, Martin Evind ]

Swami replied: This vision reveals God Śiva with Goddess Pārvatī. The person with the shaven head was Ādi Śaṅkarācārya, who was the Human Incarnation of God Śiva. He had descended on earth to establish the existence of God when this earth was fully filled with atheists like Pūrva Mīmāṃsakas and Buddhists. Sage Jaimini was the establisher of the Pūrva Mīmāmsa philosophy and he was a strong theist, being the disciple of Sage Vyāsa. Similarly, God Buddha established Buddhism and He Himself was the 9th Human Incarnation among God’s ten famous Incarnations. Unfortunately, the followers of both Jaimini and Buddha became atheists. Buddha kept silent about God, which indicates that God is unimaginable and so, He can be best expressed only through silence. This silence was misunderstood by the followers as the negation of the existence of God. Similarly, Sage Jaimini stressed on practical devotion, which is done through sacrifice (yajña). Sacrifice can be done in the form of sacrificing one’s efforts (service) and sacrificing the fruit of one’s work (money) as a divine offering. The followers of Jaimini gave a lot of importance to yajña, which is correct since there is nothing beyond practical devotion. But it does not mean that Jaimini denied the existence of God. Śaṅkara debated with both the groups and defeated all of them with His powerful logic and turned them into theists. This is the significance of your vision.


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