Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 21 Jun 2022


Did the awareness of Datta require any nervous system or at least a subtle type of nervous system?

[Shri Anil asked: When the soul of Datta is created, along with Datta, was mass also created at the same time? Did the awareness in Datta require any nervous system or atleast a subtle type of nervous system?]

Swami replied:- The five elements were created by God Datta through a special process called Panchiikaranam, which means that, from the 100% pure space, 50% is taken and is mixed with the rest 50% composed of air, fire, water and soil. The resultant mixture is space (Mahābhūta or Bhūtākāśa), which is used in the creation of world. Similarly, the other 4 Mahaabhuutas are prepared in the same manner by mixing 50% of each pure element with 50% of the other four elements. This process is called as the process of Panchiikaranam. After Panchiikaranam, the resultant five elements are called Panchamahaabhuutas. The creation is done with the help of the five Pancmahaahabhuutas and not with the help of the pure five elements. Hence, the nature of matter present in the Mahaabhuutas space (subtle energy) is 12.5%. Hence, there is every possibility of the existence of a subtle type of nervous system in energetic beings. But, we cannot treat God Datta as an energetic being. Before the creation of the body and soul of God Datta, the unimaginable God (Parabrahman) created only one pure element called subtle energy or space and the rest four elements were not created. At this stage, the process of Panchiikaranam cannot be brought into that context. Parabrahman, by His unimaginable power created the soul in the energetic body of Datta, which is awareness even in the absence of a brain-nervous system. This type of miraculous power of Parabrahman was not used in the creation of souls of energetic beings because there was no need for it since the Panchamahaabhuutas were already created through the process of Panchiikaranam. God uses His miraculous power only when there is extreme necessity. Only demons exhibit the acquired miraculous power often even in the absence of necessity, just for the sake of artificial projection.