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Posted on: 13 Mar 2023


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Did Vasudeva and Devaki remember their previous births?

[Shri Hrushikesh asked: Dear Swami, one of my friends asked the below question. Request You to kindly answer.

Question: Vasudeva and Devaki were Kashyapa and Aditi in their previous birth, they asked Lord Vishnu to grant a boon, that Lord Vishnu to be born as their child for three future births. Did Vasudeva and Devaki remember their previous births? Did they remember about the boon they asked?  Did they know that their previous life boon is being fulfilled now? Did they know that Krishna was Vishnu? Also if they didn't know that they were Kashyapa and Aditi in previous birth, how could they enjoy the fulfilled boon by God? Also, I would like to know if Gopikas also knew that they were Rushis' in their previous births and that they asked Lord Rama for a boon to hug Him by transforming themselves into Women? For which Lord Rama said that it will be fulfilled in future birth? Did Gopikas remember their previous births? Did they know that previous life's boon is being fulfilled by God in this life? If God would give the opportunity to know about their previous life's boon, don't You think that they will be in a blissful state knowing that their boon is being fulfilled by God in this life? Kindly clarify? Pranaam to Your Lotus feet, Hrushikesh]

Swami replied: All the cases mentioned by you were sages, who have done very severe penance for several previous births. If the point is strong, even an ordinary soul is remembering it from its previous birth. Such sages, who were like burning fire altars for millions of previous births, certainly will have the superpowers by which they can easily know all their previous births not to speak of just one previous birth. Sage Naarada told that Gopikas knew the divinity of Krishna (Māhātmya jñāna…- Bhakti Sūtram). You need not think that they passed the tests of God due to their supernatural powers. Many Gopikas complained to the mother of Krishna about stealing of their preserved butter for their issues by Krishna. Bond with life partner is a weak bond and hence, in the test related to this bond, all passed. Bond with wealth is also almost a weak bond in which they could have passed the test also if the test was conducted on the bond with money only. But, this test about the bond with money is joined with the bond with issues. The bond with issues is very very strong due to which alone the parents fail in the bond of money also. Sage Vyasa was the king of all sages. He was the founder of the entire spiritual knowledge. Such sage ran after his son called Shuka (who was going away from the house intoxicated with the devotion to God) crying, “O Shuka! O Shuka! Please stop”. Now, you can understand the position of the sages born as Gopikas.