Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 May 2021


Divine Satsanga

[An online spiritual discussion was conducted on April 24, 2021, in which several devotees participated. The questions asked by devotees and answered by Swāmi are given below.]

1. Why are some souls born into families or castes with entirely different qualities?

[Śrī Anil Antony asked: Pādanamaskāram Swami! Based on the soul’s prārabdha or karma śeṣa (ratio of qualities), the soul is granted birth in a family belonging to a particular caste, which is suitable for his psychology. In that case, why was Rāvaṇa, who was a demon, as per his ratio of qualities (prārabdha), granted birth into a brāhmaṇa family? Similarly, why was Romaharṣaṇa Sūta having the karma śeṣa of a brāhmaṇa granted birth in a lower caste?]

Swāmi replied: Such special examples prove that caste is not determined by birth and that it is determined only by qualities and deeds. If such examples were absent, this concept would not have come to light. Such special examples alone bring to light this concept.

2. What purpose is served when scholars debate about the personal details of Incarnations of God?

[Dr. J. S. R. Prasad asked: Sāṣṭāṇga praṇāmas Swāmi! In conferences and seminars, we often see that Sanskrit scholars and indologists debate over the personal details related to Human Incarnations such as their birth time, place, language, lineage etc. Recently, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam announced that they researched the data pertaining to Lord Hanumān being born on Anjnādri, one of the seven hills at Tirupati, to refute different claims from other states within the country. Their research was based on historical, geographical and literary evidences. What is the purpose of researching the earthly details of Incarnations of God? Kindly enlighten me. At Your lotus feet - Prasad.]

Swāmi replied: When people are not able to follow the actual points preached by the Incarnation of God, they focus on unnecessary points like the birth-date, the birth-place etc. of that Incarnation. With this, they try to prove their devotion towards the Incarnation. But the Incarnation is not at all pleased with their focusing on such unnecessary points. When focusing on the necessary points becomes inconvenient, people divert their focus towards unnecessary points. It is generally very simple to focus on such unnecessary points, whereas, focusing on the necessary points is always inconvenient and there are many difficulties in practically implementing them.

3. How can I help my father who passed away 4 months ago, progress spiritually and reach a Guru?

[Śrī Sasidhar asked: I lost my father 4 months back in December 2020. As You said earlier, departed souls cannot help themselves as they will be receiving fruits of their karma. As told in Kāśi Khaṇḍam, I immersed the ashes at Maṇikarṇikā, Kaśi. But how can I help him attain the care of a Guru to attain a higher spiritual level?]

Swāmi replied: The divine administration of God has fixed certain times and places for where a soul can perform deeds and where the soul can enjoy their fruits. The departed soul goes to the upper worlds, where it cannot do any new deeds for itself because that time and place is designated for enjoying the fruits of its deeds already done on earth. Of course, you can pray to God to help him and that prayer will not go waste. By such prayers, your devotion to God will also increase. So, it will do good to you too.

In fact, God takes care of every soul because He is the divine father of all souls. You and your father are actually brothers since you both were created by God, the Divine Father. The Divine Father is more concerned about your father, who is His issue. He might be your father, in your eyes, but, in the real sense, He is your brother. The Divine Father has a million times more love towards your father than you have for him and He will take care of that soul. You only need to concentrate on your relationship with the Divine Father.

4. How can I get away from things which are leading me towards sadness and stress?

[Smt. Archana Shukla asked: Pādnamaskārams Swamiji! You know everything. Please guide me and show me the way so that I make my birth fruitful. I am surrounded by many unwanted things, which are giving me nothing but sadness and stress. I want to get away from all these things. Help me Datta! Please excuse me, if I have asked something wrong. Jai Guru Datta!]

Swāmi replied: Develop a flexible nature towards your surroundings. Try to dilute your rigid nature. You will find your surroundings quite amicable and to your liking. Worship Lord Subrahmaṇya, the son of God Śiva daily. He will help you.