Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Jul 2021


Does our behaviour in the world affect our behaviour with the Sadguru?

[Śrī Ganesh asked:- Pādanamaskāraṃ Swāmiji, I react if someone accuses me of something wrong in the office. I become aggressive and I tell them that is not the case and make my point. I was discussing this with Trylokya and she said that I shouldn’t be aggressive because I may use that quality if Sadguru says something illogical. But I said that I have the experience of knowing that my intelligence is limited through Your knowledge. Only Your intelligence is unlimited, so I would not react that way. How should I react in the world? Does our behaviour in the world affect our behaviour with the Sadguru?]

Swāmi Replied:- Replying in aggressive manner shows lack of patience and lack of intelligence in handling the issues in the world. Anger shall be shown towards children or students in order to inculcate the discipline in them. With equals and especially with elders, you must not show anger in any place. You can show anger while fighting against injustice if the fight is inevitable as the last resort. First, you must answer them with lot of patience since patience alone conserves your energy and helps in strengthening the intelligence to reply with very sharp logic. Your logic alone will pacify the opponent and not your emotional behaviour, which makes the opponent aggressive towards you unnecessarily and also makes your intelligence weak, which becomes inefficient to bend your enemy to your point. It is correct that you shall show anger to wicked people, but, as a last resort only and not in the beginning itself.