Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jan 2022


Does the human being component of human incarnation only have dream and deep sleep states?

[Shri Bharath Krishna asked: Swami, I read the following paragraph from Your book "Divine Discourse - 21", page no-27.

"The mother of Krishna was telling the story of Rama to Krishna so that Krishna can enter into sleep. When the story came up to the point that Ravana stole Sita, immediately Krishna awoke, crying, asking Lakshmana to give the bow for a fight (sometimes, the dream state reverts back into an awakened state due to strong ideas). This cry of Krishna was from the subconscious state obtained from His previous birth as Rama only. The receiver of the human being component can be aware of the existence of unimaginable God in any state if God wishes so."

I have also read the following line from page no-23 of the same book.

"If God is sure that ego is totally absent in the human being-component, God continues to remain in total identification with the receiver as in the case of Rama and Krishna."

Swami, as per my understanding, God always remains in Prajna state. There is no dream or deep sleep state for God. So the God component in the Human Incarnation also should be always in Prajna state only right. I have heard of so many miracles in which a Human Incarnation of God came out of sleep in order to help some devotee in some urgent situation which proves that God in Human Incarnation is always aware. With this understanding I am confused when You wrote that Shri Krishna has a subconscious state. My understanding is that since Shri Krishna is God, He remembers everything all the time, actually He is omniscient. Am I correct Swami? I am actually a little confused and unable to understand this discourse properly.

In the discourse given by You related to the Human Incarnation covering Himself with ignorance, I am unable to understand how You can impose ignorance on Yourself while constantly helping every devotee by giving them experience whenever they need it. This means You should have been omniscient all the time. Then this point that 'Human Incarnation always protects a devotee right in time' and the other point that 'He only realizes His absolute reality whenever it is necessary although God exists in Him in total merge condition always' are confusing me.

In the other discourse given by You related to the dream state of a Human Incarnation of God, You mentioned that both the external world and the dream world appears to be relatively real for God.

From this I understood that the God component of Human Incarnation doesn't have a dream state. Only the Human Being component has a dream state and deep sleep state. Is my understanding correct Swami? If so, Lord Vishnu in Shri Krishna always knows everything including His past incarnations right?]

Swami Replied:- In human incarnation, the properties of human being component are not disturbed by the God component. Hence, dream, deep sleep etc., exist in the human being component. The unimaginable power of God Datta or unimaginable God interferes only when a miracle is to be done. Otherwise, the human being component remains in its original way even though, the God component is perfectly merged. The God component also gets full entertainment through the normal human being component confined with its capacities. The subject shifts between these two components in the single-phase system, which is the human being component only since the God component is invisible.