Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 20 Aug 2017


Energy Becomes Invisible to Human Beings Due To Will of God

Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

Shri Anil asked: “Swami! With reference to your answer to the question of Smt. Devi, kindly clarify the concept with more clarity about the unimaginable and imaginable domains coexisting in the case of these supernatural worlds of supernatural energetic beings”.

Swami replied: There are two clearly different domains, which are unimaginable creator and imaginable creation. Just for the convenience of explanation in terms of imaginable logic, I may use words like unimaginable nature or unimaginable power or unimaginable awareness or unimaginable process etc. You must always remember that all these terms having ‘unimaginable’ as prefix are unimaginable God only since any number of unimaginable items end in one unimaginable item only, which is the unimaginable God. Both the unimaginable and imaginable powers are the powers of the same one unimaginable God (Parabrahma) only. Between the unimaginable God and the imaginable creation, there is an intermediate domain called as creation with unimaginable and imaginable powers mixed. This intermediate domain consisting of the supernatural worlds with supernatural beings forms a part of the creation created by the unimaginable creator only. This intermediate domain is above this Earth (imaginable) and also in the earth (unimaginable). These supernatural worlds are made of the basic cosmic inert energy only and their energetic beings are also made of the same energy. This point shows the aspect of imaginable power. The same energy becomes invisible to any human being due to the will of unimaginable God and this is the unimaginable power. This imaginable energy becoming invisible due to will of unimaginable God is superior to the inert cosmic energy spoken by scientists and this can be called as pure imaginable energy, which has both visible and invisible regions based on the lower and higher values of the frequency respectively. The lower visible-imaginable energy appears to eyes. The higher-invisible-imaginable energy appears to the scientific instruments. There may be some more radiations with still far higher frequencies, which may be grasped by more advanced instruments in future. Such high frequency-radiations are not the energy with which these supernatural worlds or their beings are made of. This point must be clearly understood by a very clear statement that the superior energy with which these supernatural worlds and supernatural beings are made is not the imaginable energy of far high frequency invisible at present and possibly visible in future. This supernatural energy is imaginary energy by itself, no doubt, but is associated with the will of unimaginable God so that it can never be seen by any advanced instrument at any time in the future. If the will of God permits, the energy of these worlds and beings can be seen by human beings even with their naked eyes at present itself. This will of God is called as the unimaginable barrier between imaginary energy and supernatural energy.

Regarding the situation of these worlds, a geographical explanation starting from the earth is given in the scripture (the Vishnu Puranam). Since the basic material of super natural energy is imaginary energy only, these supernatural worlds exist following the rules of three coordinates of space only. This is the imaginable nature of imaginable worlds. If it is mere imaginary energy only, following the space coordinates, these can be attained by the mechanical movement of energetic body or a vehicle running on the fuel. For example, the soul after death becomes energetic being by a covered energetic body. When this energetic body is leaving this gross body, it can’t fly merely with its kinetic energy. It flies to these supernatural worlds based on its spiritual progress due to the will of unimaginable God and this specialty is due to will of unimaginable power. The imaginable part of this supernatural energy is that the imaginary energy of these worlds is helping the movement by the supply of energy from the source, the cosmic energy. Another feature is that a supernatural world may exist on this earth, which is exactly the same external supernatural world without any trace of difference by which similarity is ruled out. The unimaginable God with the external energetic medium exists in the topmost supernatural world in the supernatural energetic body and also in the human body on this earth simultaneously and this is due to will of unimaginable God, who is beyond the four dimensional space-time model. You may walk on the moon, which is simultaneously a supernatural world called as Pitruloka in which the departed souls in supernatural energetic bodies exist simultaneously without any interference with you. Even on this earth, you may come across with a lower type of departed soul in supernatural energetic body called as ghost and there will be no interference between you both while one passing through the other. But, if the will of God permits, based on the sins done by you, you may experience its existence and it may possess you to cause suffering. The atheists criticizing God are used by God as the examiners of the strength of the faith of a devotee and similarly these ghosts are used in punishing the sinners on this earth since emergent sins are punished here itself. The Human incarnation on this earth is also a mixture of the unimaginable creator merged with the imaginable human being. In the place of human being, if energetic being exists, it becomes energetic incarnation. These cases are the interactions between the unimaginable creator and imaginable (visible or invisible) media. The supernatural worlds and energetic beings have this facility of the interaction of the will of the unimaginable God with the imaginable energy. This is the dual nature of imaginable and unimaginable powers co-existing in a single place in the same instance. The unimaginable power itself is the unimaginable God only and the unimaginable God is showing the proof of His existence through such unimaginable events called as miracles, which take place on the earth for the sake of human beings and also in the supernatural worlds for the sake of energetic beings. By these miracles, God is constantly teaching about the basic point of the existence of unimaginable God (Himself) to all the souls in the entire creation. Without realizing the existence of God, devotion can’t be built-up. Theist is supposed to have already faith in existence of God and hence miracles are not needed for a true theist. Miracles are mainly needed for an imperfect theist having still the influence of atheism on his mind. A perfect atheist will also never change and miracles are useless for such atheist, who always scolds even the genuine miracles also as magic only. Miracles are useful for the intermediate souls between theism and atheism. God will always exhibit miracles if there is a real hope of change in the case of such intermediate devotees. Miracles of God are experienced by several devotees since the beginning of this creation, which helped them by avoiding disturbing tensions to help for a peaceful spiritual progress. Miracles of materialization of awareness, energy and matter from nothing prove the unimaginable process of creating this world containing these three components from God. Medicine is not required for a perfect healthy person and is also not required for a chronic patient decided to end. It is needed only for a patient having curable extent of illness, which alone gives hope in the mind of the doctor for treatment. The possibility of cure is decided by doctor and not by the patient.

You have to understand these intermediate supernatural worlds and the supernatural energetic beings living in these by maintaining equilibrium of balance that avoids the interference of contradictions just like as you understand the dual nature of electron while dealing certain properties in the light of wave nature and certain other properties in the light of particle nature.