Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 05 Aug 2017


God and souls in three states

Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

Shri Veena Datta asked: Please explain the God and souls in three states (Refer Dr. Nikhil’s question).

Swami replied: The unimaginable God is always in one state and there is no effect of any state on Him. He is always omniscient observing the entire creation. To be omniscient He need not be omnipresent. Without being omnipresent, He can be omniscient due to His omnipotence. If one requires to be omnipresent to become omniscient, such a seer is bound by logic. God is beyond logic and anything is possible for Him due to omnipotence. God beyond the world is in isolated state. God may exist in energetic incarnation or Human incarnation. Whether God is mediated or non-mediated, the above explained state of God does not change in anyway.

In the case of souls in energetic bodies, there is no sleep due to absence of materialized nervous system, which needs rest. Their worlds are made of items made of energy. Apart from energetic items, materialized items are also seen by them. Hence, the states of dream and awakening are one and the same for them. They also have limited capacity of seeing and can see only limited number of objects. But, their capacity of seeing is far higher than that of human beings. Neither they nor their worlds can be seen by human beings. There is no deep sleep at all.

In the case of human beings, all the three states exist. In the awaken state, a limited part of the materialized world containing items of matter and energy are seen. They can’t see the souls in energetic bodies or their energetic worlds. In dream state, the imaginary world made of energy is controlled by subconscious state. Sometimes, some memories from general consciousness stored in memory also enter the dream as items made of energy only. Due to the materialized nervous system, which takes rest in deep sleep, the awareness or seer disappears since the process of knowing itself disappears. If you limit the word ‘soul’ to awareness only, the soul disappeared in deep sleep. If you use the word ‘soul’ to the awareness and its container (gross body), the inert gross body exists as a part of the soul. The seer disappears when the process of seeing stops. The soul in dream state takes an energetic body similar to gross body. In deep sleep, there is neither the soul nor its energetic body. But, its gross body exists.

In energetic or human incarnations, God will be in the above first explained state. The energetic being or human being contains the same soul (awareness), which exists separately in its own above explained states as per the time of the state. The most important point is that the seer and process of seeing are one and the same since there is no seer without the process of seeing. Similarly, knower disappears when the process of knowing disappears in the deep sleep. Knower or subject and the process of knowing or work (verb) stand as the meanings for the single word ‘awareness’. You need not mix God and soul to interfere in their natural states even in the incarnation. Of course, depending upon the need of the hour, the soul gains necessary power transmitted by the God into it. Then, the soul exhibits the miraculous powers attained from the amalgamated God. Monism and dualism happen as per the will of God only in the incarnation.

The unimaginable power of the miracle exhibited by human being component of human incarnation belongs to the unimaginable God component only. When sugar dissolves in water, the sweetness of the water belongs to sugar molecules only and not to the water molecules. The knowledge of this point will certainly reduce the repulsion between common media in the case of incarnation. For devotees, monism is beneficial in which the water should be believed as sweet. Dualism is beneficial for the devotees suffering with jealousy and also for the welfare of the human being component by avoiding ego.