Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Jul 2020


How can I overcome my present spell of bad luck?

Chidi Innocent Ezeokoli asked (through Shri Anil): Dear Lord, thank You very much for Your inspiring messages, that have fed me with divine wisdom. Years back in 1982, l sincerely desired to join the Krishna movement in my country Lagos, to become a devotee of Krishna, but was disappointed at the discrimination. It made me opt for Christianity. But l did continue to chant the mantra, which l have continued till today. l am from Nigeria, from an lbo tribe. l did train as a priest, and served the church for 29 years. l am now retired. As a priest, l have suffered untold hardship and hatred for my charismatic gifts. l was neither promoted or given a good station, despite my contributions. Since retiring, l have been facing many problems, as a result of bad luck. l lost over 7 million to scammers. Please, good Lord, help me out of this predicament. l have five children to bring up. But with this continuing bad luck and wrong choices, l am discouraged. What could be the way to overcome all this? Please tell me. Again, l need Your divine intervention in my case. l want to start another business, but I am afraid, l will fail. I know that You have the power to cancel this evil in my life. Please help me. Thanks.

Swami replied: Lord Krishna and Lord Jesus are one and the same universal God. Just because a person comes before you wearing a different dress, the person has not changed. Go on praying to the Lord and during the time of prayer, let your mind be pure and peaceful. Let it be free of the pollution by the worldly disturbances. After the prayer, the mind of any human being will naturally get polluted. But put forth efforts to remain with a clean mind filled with single-pointed devotion, at least during the time of your prayer. You will certainly be helped by the divine Lord.