Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 21 Jun 2022


How can variety play a role for the entertainment of God?

Shri Anil asked: Since the end result which is bliss is the same in monistic and dualistic love, how can variety play a role for the entertainment of God?

Swami replied:- Bliss is one and the same in monistic and dualistic love, but, it is well understood that there is difference between monistic and dualistic love. The intensity and quantity of bliss may be one and the same, but variety brings difference in the taste. Using the same food materials, two different items of food may be prepared, but, while eating both the items, the same joy appears in different ways. The king is quite happy in his palace, but wants to go to the forest for hunting and in fact, going to the forest involves several troubles and risks compared to the stay in the palace. But, the change of atmosphere brings the same bliss with a different taste. Desire for change in the variety is not an inferior quality, which is quite normal even in the case of great personalities like kings. A scholar also likes to change the reading of a book after sometime just for change in the variety. This point is experienced by all human beings in daily life. If you go to a cinema and if there is only one role in the entire cinema, you will get bored. If there are several roles, the story will take several twists giving you entertainment. Hence, God wanted the second item, which means plurality with several roles and not merely another single role (Sa dvitīyamaicchat). Apart from this statement, there is another statement, which says that God wanted to become several roles. This statement refers to the plurality of incarnations of God and does not mean the plurality of creation.