Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Oct 2021


How to divert one's bad quality to You before it is committed?

[Smt. Anita Renkuntla asked: Pādanamaskāram Swamiji, Swamiji, I really Thank You for Your Divine Grace upon me, the Infinite knowledge that You have given in the discourses and the congenial atmosphere to read and understand as well. Also, the English and Telugu Satsangs are helping a lot with more clarity with the explanations by You, Shri Nikhil Sir, Shri Phani Sir and Shri Ajay Sir. Swamiji, I have a few questions to clarify. Do enlighten me with Your precious words of knowledge.

 A person feels that he has done something bad out of ignorance. That is, a bad quality was exposed. In a discourse You stated that all bad qualities should be diverted towards God. How can a person divert them to You before it is committed?]

Swami Replied:- No quality is good or bad by itself because every quality has both good and bad sides. Based on the side used in a context, the same quality becomes good or bad.