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Posted on: 13 Mar 2023


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How to understand in-depth the personality of God?

[Mr. Talin Rowe asked: Dear Your Holiness and most excellent Swami, Blessings onto You and Your devotees. In the path of Nivrutti, You have explained very much about the importance of theoretical devotion and the importance of knowing the Divine personality of God. How are we to understand in-depth the personality of God? There are stories of You and we can spend time with the human incarnation, and we can read scriptures and observe, but the depth of the personality seems unable to be comprehended, considering the unimaginable nature of God. The attributes of the personality of God are beyond my understanding, I try to imagine all the best qualities ever described and use those as the base description of God however it’s so hard from a human’s point of view. Humans are limited due to selfishness, ego and limited point of view. Plus, the inability for us to express our own personality qualities or even imagine the depth of them as effectively as we may feel or want to express and understand them. So to understand Your personality, it seems so difficult. How are we to learn in depth about the personality of God? Thank You Swami Thank You Swami. By, Talin]

Swami replied: After all, a fan of a film actor is so much attracted to the personality of his hero actor that is projected in a few film-shows so that he commits suicide on hearing the death of his hero! Can’t a devotee get that much projection of divine personality through scriptures and through the devoted speeches of spiritual preachers? The personality of the mediated unimaginable God is to be taken as the reference because personality does not exist in the case of the unimaginable God. Starting from the first energetic incarnation of the unimaginable God, up to various energetic and human incarnations, you can collect the total information of the first energetic incarnation because the first energetic incarnation called God Datta or Father of Heaven containing the merged unmediated unimaginable God alone forms various energetic as well as human incarnations. All the aspects of all the incarnations (energetic and human) collected, gives the total personality of the Father of heaven. The Father of Heaven or the first energetic incarnation of unmediated unimaginable God is the absolute God because there is no trace of difference between the unmediated unimaginable God and the mediated unimaginable God or Father of Heaven. Father of Heaven is the mediated unimaginable God and you cannot find any difference between a naked person and the same person clothed. The various aspects of the personality of Father of heaven are divided among various incarnations. To get such total information of all attracting aspects of the Father of heaven, one must have full faith in the universal spirituality, which means that all incarnations of all religions of the world are various roles played by the single actor-Father of heaven or the original absolute God. In the case of the fan terribly attracted by the cinema hero also, he has the basic knowledge that all heroes of all films are the various roles of the same basic one actor-hero. His climax attraction towards that hero is the total sum of various heroic aspects of various hero-roles played in various films of the same basic hero. Hence, you can get the complete attraction towards the total actor-God by believing that all Human incarnations appeared in this world and all energetic incarnations explained in scriptures are the various roles of the same basic actor-God. This complete attraction collected from various incarnations is called the depth of the attraction to God. Depth is nothing but all-round information about various angles of the divine personality of God. Depth indicates the accumulated quantity collected due to various good qualities of the divine personality.