Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Sep 2021


If Lord Shiva is unborn, why does He marry Satii (Paarvatii) who takes birth and dies like an ordinary human?

Swami Replied:- Your question does not touch the unborn God Shiva. Goddess Satii was born and also met with incidental death as per the desire of Satii. She was born again as Paarvatii and Parvatii became eternal being the wife of God Shiva. All these incidents have lot of divine background. Satii represents the climax devotee with lot of emotion losing God Shiva. Paarvatii also represents the climax devotee with the same lot of emotion attaining God Shiva due to her patience also existing in her. Satii and Paarvatii are one Aadiparaashaktii only acting in two different roles. The role of Satii indicates that emotion alone ends in loss whereas emotion in its required context and patience in its required context will give success as in the case of Paarvatii. Paarvatii was emotional in doing penance for God Shiva. But, when God Shiva came in disguise and scolded God Shiva, Paarvatii answered every scolding with patience. In the same context while the father of Satii is scolding God Shiva, Satii became emotional and committed suicide ending in loss.