Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Oct 2021


If worship of formless God gives sorrow, why did Mohammed ask to worship Allah?

[Ms. Bhanu Samykya asked: Padanamaskaram Swami, if worshiping Unimaginable God gives sorrow, then why did Lord Mohammed ask to worship Allah who is same formless Unimaginable God? Please enlighten me. - At Your Lotus Feet, Bhanu Samykya.]

Swami replied:- In Hinduism also Swami Dayaananda recommended worship of formless God. Due to some atrocities happening in the worship of God with form, the basic concepts are changed to eradicate these atrocities form the root. If the atrocities are simply condemned, there will be no much use and hence, this process of root eradication is done temporarily for that span of time. But, such temporary remedies continue forever even though the times have changed. Sometimes instead of treatment by medicines, surgery has to be done. If such atrocities are cured by medicines (criticism) then surgery (removal of root concepts) need not be done. When the root concept is removed, its fundamental merit also disappears leading to the fundamental problem. People recommend formless God as the real original status. This is fundamentally wrong because the original status of God is that God is beyond both formless and form states because the original absolute God is unimaginable. Space, air, water etc., are formless entities and God is beyond such entities also.