Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 01 May 2021


Maamava Dattaprabho - Divine Song on God Datta

Māmava Dattaprabho!
Kapiṃ kapilāvatāra! (pallavī)

(Oh Lord Datta! Sage Kapila is Your incarnation. Protect Me, the monkey.)

Tava pada kamalānatam,
Komala kamalā hṛdaya!

(Tender Lakṣmī exists in Your heart. Protect Me, who has fallen on Your lotus feet.)

Bhavapalvala saṇkulam,
Trimata samanvaya mūla!

(You are the source of the correlation of the philosophies of the three divine preachers called Śaṇkara, Rāmānuja and Madhva. Protect Me, who is polluted with this worldly mud pond.)

Tvatto na parā gatiḥ,
Tvameva śaraṇaṃ Nātha!

(There is no way other than Yourself. My Lord! You are My only asylum.)