Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 20 Mar 2023


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Other than the four main sins, which are gateways to hell, what are the other sins?

[Mr. Talin Rowe asked: Praise unto Your Holiness, Hello Swami, In Your Sutras You mention that the 4 gates to hell are 1. Illegal Sex, 2. Illegal Acquisition of Wealth or Corrupt gain of Wealth, 3. Violence through Anger, 4. Over fascination to worldly bonds. You mention these as the major categorical sins, with the triggering factors being

Force and Fear which are the ultimate driving initiator’s in all sin.

Other sins have also been mentioned by You such as the waste of food. So there must be others sins that You dislike, and that are important to avoid for our welfare and the welfare of others! I am hoping for further guidance on sin, and what is the best way to please God? Thank You, You are the greatest Guru! Best regards, Talin Rowe]

Swami replied:- Sins leading to the hell are mainly three, which are illegal lust (kaama), violence through irrational anger (krodha) and illegal acquisition of wealth through corruption (lobha) as said in the Gita (Trividhaß╣â narakasyedam…). In these three, other good people are affected directly. I have added another gate, because four gates exist on all the four sides. The fourth gate is illegal fascination that pains the legal bonds. However, this can be included in the first gate. Already, I have spoken about the point of fear resulting in sin in the above answer.