Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 29 Dec 2021


Please accept my obeisances Datta.

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Lying down completely flat in front of Swami, I put my head in Swami's feet, my hands holding Swami's legs. I humbly surrender all the good and bad qualities that i have, at Swami's feet.

Accept my obeisances Datta. You are Brahma, the giver of Vedas, the eternal truth. Your mere presence around me can make me realize the eternal truth and make me liberated. How can i not come to You directly and attain the divine knowledge?

Although Your divine discourses are reflective of the eternal truth, the gist of Vedas, the Vedanta, which You are, which You possess and which You reflect within and around Yourself. Yet i cannot have the divine atmosphere, divine receptivity and divine mind that just Your presence can made.

You know my vasanas, my samskaras and therefore, You surely know my fate. You gave me this human birth, You made me born in such a holy land, a land which You made extremely rich in spiritual knowledge, a land where You, Yourself, came down for Your leela, be it Ram leela Krishna Leela, or Shiv leela, It clearly shows Your immense love for this land and for its every living and non-living being. Therefore, having born in such a land, i should be a big fool, if i did not get to be with You, especially after knowing who You are and what You truly are.

I do agree that i'd be giving You special privileges for You being the God unlike anyone else. Hence i wont be showing my true love to You but a conditional love. But I would be a bigger fool if i did not even get to be with You, especially at a time where I'am surrounded with Ignorance, committing intentional sins and making my case bizare every passing second.

Having said all this, I rest my case in Your hands for I have found, the Sadhguru, the Human incarnation of my time, i have found You Datta, by Your grace. Lastly, I'm concluding this message with Your Will which would be final for me. Thank You for Your time, Datta, and to Datta 's devotees. Dandmat Pranaamam Datta!]

Swami Replied:-  In climax devotion only all qualities, both good and bad, are surrendered to God. Now, you possess good qualities with you and surrender bad qualities only to God. Please also remove the over value of your land because the entire creation created by God is having same value. The value comes from the qualities of a soul and not from the land. This universal perspective must be developed by every devotee.