Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Oct 2021


Please give a little more clarity on how bad qualities can be turned towards God.

[Smt. Anita Renkuntla asked: It is also revealed that Lord Krishna had paved the way from Hell to Goloka by diverting all the bad qualities towards God. Gopikas too helped Him in this task. Please give little more clarity in this regard.]

Swami Replied:- Regarding the use of bad qualities in the context of devotion to God, My statement does not mean that you can use the bad sides of every quality towards God and escape from the punishment of the sin. The context what I have told is that in Nivrutti also when the bad side of a quality is required to reach God, it can be used based on the single pointed devotion by which the devotee is very strong to reach God. I did not mean that the bad side of a quality can be used in every context so that God will undergo that punishment to relieve the devotee from the sin. I will just give an example for this: If one kills a bull and with its leather some bag is prepared and if the killer donates it to God, the punishment for killing the bull will not be taken by God to relieve the killer from his sin. This is a wrong context. The example for correct context is that a climax devotee of Nivrutti wants to reach God even by cheating his family members; the fruit of such cheating is taken by God in appreciation of the strong single pointed devotion towards Himself. The concept is same, which is that God relieves the sinner, but, the contexts are different.