Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 18 Nov 2021


Should a person following dharma make effort to stop people from committing the sins like illegitimate sex?

[Shri Ganesh asked: Pādanamaskāram Swamiji, To what extent should a person following dharma go while advising a person committing adharma? You have clearly mentioned in the discourse below that a person shouldn't think that the sins committed by one person does not affect society. https://www.universal-spirituality.org/discourse/sincere-and-continuous-human-effort-essential--24e101fc77be028c--1d80166b47708061--fa28fefc758fe35d--4

In an atheistic society, murder and theft are a crime but illegitimate sex is not a crime. It may be shunned after marriage but before marriage a person can have sex with anyone. He/she can drink or smoke or do whatever they want. When certain people tell these young men or women to not do these things, they retaliate and make fun of those people. Stating that "I am free to do whatever I want to. What is your problem. It is my body and my wish." After this, an ugly conflict takes place which might end up in violence. Should a person who follows dharma make an effort to stop these people from committing these types of sins? Because other young people might get influenced by them. It is also hard to impart good spiritual knowledge to these people because they do not accept God or even if they accept, they don't have fear of punishment. How should they society deal with these people? At Your divine feet, Ganesh V]

Swami Replied:- Powerful convincing logic is the only weapon to turn people to believe in the justice and God. You should concentrate on that line either in worldly life or Spiritual life.