Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Jun 2021


Swami, a soul is supposed to pray God and not to another soul. Isn't it?

[Ms. Laxmi Thrylokya asked: When the Trimūrtis came to mother Anasūyā to test her devotion, she prayed to her husband Atri and converted the Lords into babies. Swāmi, a soul is supposed to pray God and not to another soul. Isn't it? Kindly help us understand this.]

Swāmi Replied:- Sage Atri is not an ordinary human being. He generated Sun and Moon from his eyes when Sun and Moon disappeared in the time of final dissolution. Most of the Sages are very much divine and are considered to be the incarnations of God Brahmā. God Datta born to Atri and Anasūyā was prostrating to their feet everyday morning. Even otherwise, every human being must prostrate to the feet of the parents because in Pravṛtti or worldly life, there is no other sacred bond beyond parents. One should not displease parents at any cost. Rāma preached this through His life. When Nivṛtti clashes with Pravṛtti, then only the picture is turned. Prahlāda left his father, Śaṇkara left His mother and Buddha left wife, son and wealth for the sake of God. As long as Nivṛtti does not appear, within the boundaries of Pravṛtti, parents are to be treated as God. In Pravṛtti, father, mother and teacher are God whereas in Nivṛtti, God is father, mother and teacher as said by the Veda (Matṛdevo bhava, Pitṛdevo bhava, Ācāryadevo bhava- Veda). The statement Matṛdevo bhava etc., can be taken in both ways:- In Pravṛtti, the statement is Karmadhārayasamāsa (Mātā ca asau devaśca). In Nivṛtti, the statement is Bahuvrīhisamāsa (Mātā devo yasya saḥ). This means in Pravṛtti, mother is God and in Nivṛtti, God is mother.