Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jan 2022


Swami Answers Shri Jayesh Pandey's Questions

1. Please tell me how should I intensively devoted to Hanuman ji?

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Dandvat Pranaamam Swami ji! May You shower Your blessings on all, and take us all beyond the Maya for serving You unconditionally. Swami, You advised me for being intensively devoted to Hanuman ji. Please tell me how should i do it, for You call him Your brother so You know Him personally and about the qualities He likes to be in His devotees. Please do tell me everything: What should i do, how should i do. Do be with me always, Datta.]

Swami Replied:- You recite Hanuman Chalisa everyday thinking that He is your own elder brother.

2. You asked me to worship Hanuman. I am in my way to develop devotion for Shiva. Please do consider it.

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Dandvat Pranaamam Swami ji! Please take our mind and heart in Your control, atleast the people who are putting an effort similar to blinking of an eye lid, do take their mind and heart in Your control.

Swami, You know I'am ordinary person without an iota of realisation. You adviced me for being devoted to Hanuman ji which i would by all conscious efforts try to follow. But I'am a devotee of Your form when You are Shiv ji. Also for me psychologically there's a difference which exists between all Your forms.

It feels like Im abandoning Shiv ji for my own selfish sake, be it pravritti or nivritti it is my personal selfish desires which i want to acheive even if its a desire of being extremely close to You, which comes in nivrutti. And for which i have to worship Hanuman ji.

Already, i dont give much time to Shiv ji and after Your advice I have to give most of my time to Hanuman ji. I would feel guilty, would have a feeling of abandoning Shiv ji for my personal gain. I cant abandon Him, He already has given everything to us, He is living in cremation grounds where no one wants to have his home, He is being used and tricked by demons, followers of other sects keep on degrading Him even after drinking the poison. You mentioned in one of Your bhajans that He even gave away Ma Uma to Raavan. Even He knows that His innocence is being misused by the world still He enjoys being misused and remain extremely benevolent and forgiving.

I'am already in my way of trying to develop devotion for Shiv ji, Now You telling me to worship Hanuman ji form. I cant be someone who left Shivji for personal gains, atleast not conciously. Dont let me abandon Shiv ji, or i would have one more guilt to bear through out my life. Please do consider it.

Also i would love if You could help me with being near Shiv ji. Sorry for writing this extremely long passage. Dandmat pranaamam to Swami ji and to Your devotees.]

Swami Replied:- Even Hanuman is an incarnation of God Shiva. You can also worship God Shiva instead of Hanuman. It is one and the same.

3. Does Your suggestion of worshipping Hanuman mean to directly ask Your help for my desired goal?

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Dandvat Pranaamam Swami Ji! May everyone of us bath in the ganga of Your divine knowledge and wash away all our impurities of ignorance.

Datta, You adviced me to pray to Hanuman ji Daily. But i dont know how to pray. Is it something in which we directly ask for Your help for our desired goal. Is it something we try to convey to You about how we feel about you. Is there a specific time and place for it. How would you feel about someone, when he/she spontaneously starts thinking about you, sometimes in a very loving way and sometimes when being angry, like a flow of river without even knowing what is being done actually?

Dandmat Pranaamam to you and your devotees!]

Swami Replied:- If you want to pray God Hanuman pray Hanuman Chalisaa. Or, you can pray God Shiva through Panchaaksharii (Om Namah Shivaaya).

4. Whether ghee lamp is to be lighted near tulsi plant?

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Dandvat Pranaamam Datta Swami Ji! May we all live every second of life being full of respect, love and gratitude to creator, and to all elements and people making it possible. After reading some of Your discourses Swami ji. I stopped offering water to Surya Dev because i do not know the hidden meaning behind the same. Also, I stopped lighting ghee lamp in front of tulsi plant in evening time for the same reason. None of this i did out of disrespect but my ignorance. I need Your guidance about the same Swami ji, should i continue doing this. And if so then What should be my ideal thinking while performing these activities. Please tell us the divine background also. Dandvat Pranaamam to Swami ji, and to His devotees.]

Swami Replied:- You should not waste precious food materials like ghee and oil for lamps because by the light of God only all the world is shining. Instead of burning ghee for lamp, you can give it to a beggar, who on eating it will burn his life lamp and by that God will be extremely pleased with you. Ignorant people have meddled with our good traditions of sages and we are in the blind traditions.

5. Please guide me in my worldly life.

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: Dandvat Namaskaaram Datta Swami Ji! May You make our life adventurous like a very delicious meal and give courage, strength, joy, bliss and knowledge to accept the same playfully. Swami ji, I failed in my love life, I failed in my studies, I failed in my Friendships, And it wont be a big surprise for me if I'am failing both as a son and a younger brother. Now I like to remain alone in solitude, remain silent as far as possible. Often, I have this feeling of becoming a handicap in this world. Neither do I blame others for my circumstances but I dont know where my life boat heading towards. Whatever might happen to me i feel like i'm open to it and, that i have already put down all my weapons. Dandvat Pramaanam Swami Ji and to Your beloved devotees!]

Swami Replied:- If you want to get a better worldly life, you recite Hanuman Chaliisaa three times every day. I assure you a very good worldly life if you listen My advice accepting Me as your Guru.