Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Apr 2022


Swami answers Smt Amudha's questions

1. Please guide me where to start studying this knowledge.

[Smt. Amudha asked: Padhanamaskaram Swami, There are so many manipulated or altered knowledge available out here and there. The real and true meaning can be found on Your website and YouTube channel. When watching or listening to other philosophies or content, I am able to relate to it, although only a less percentage of truth can be seen. Please clarify the below doubts Swami, I am unable to conclude or analyse further

I assume that every human is born because of purpose/karma. At the bottom of my mind or heart, I want to serve You and be at Your feet always (the real Goal) but I feel worthless. It is selfish desire and love because I feel happy doing it but Your love for us is unconditional. At present I am unable to run towards You, due to my attraction of worldly materialism, predefined mindset (with incorrect knowledge from the world) and might also be other aspects (ego/jealously/any past deeds). As per Your words, knowledge can be the medicine for it. I have not tasted a single drop completely from the ocean of knowledge. Please guide me where to start and how to improve and maintain my discipline in studying the knowledge.]

Swami replied: Fire can start burning the heap of cotton from any corner. You can start studying My knowledge from any corner. You have to take care of Pravrutti also, which is the foundation of Nivrutti.

2. How to realise all my mistakes in order to reform and to notrepeat the mistakes?

[In the past births, I might have committed sin. In the present also, I  consciously and subconsciously have done sins. If I try to take a list of my sins, it's not possible because I am not aware of all sins which I did. In the present, I am going through the good and bad fruits because of past deeds. How to realise all of my mistakes in order to reform and to not repeat the mistakes? Leaving all this, my only Goal is to please You. Whatever comes I accept. Will this be the right way to follow? Does astrology help in understanding past sins?]

Swami replied: You need not worry about the past sins. Don’t do any sin from this minute onwards, then all your past sins get cancelled. First you settle in Pravrutti and then proceed to Nivirutti.

3. While speaking to a devotee, I feel Your words are reaching me indirectly. Please confirm if it’s correct.

Swami replied: When I speak some knowledge to somebody, I record it so that other persons in similar situations will take the help of the same knowledge.

4. To surrender completely, I need to focus on You and the knowledge, and not on me and worldly desires. I doubt if this approach is correct.

[To surrender completely, I assume that I need to focus on You and the knowledge, and not on me (thought/selfish happiness) and worldly desires. I have my doubts on this approach and thinking process.]

Swami replied: You have to always focus on your goal. You have to focus on the means also, which enable you to reach the goal. You have to focus on yourself also to check by yourself whether you are on the right path or not. I advise you again and again to settle your mind in Pravrutti and then think of Nivrutti.

5. Please guide me to make a series of video podcasts on Your knowledge.

[We are blessed with many messages on the Gita and the Vedas from You. My selfish desire is to create a series of it for podcast and video. I am impatient for it. Please guide me on it. Thank You, Swami, now I realise why I have pain in my body. You made me realise it. Everything is You Swami. I am really mad and overwhelmed on Your grace. Please make me do all as per Your words and knowledge. On Your divine lotus feet, Amudha]

Swami replied: You chant two names everyday as many time as possible and there are no restrictions in any angle. Those two holy names are:- 1) Śrī Āñjaneya and 2) Śrī Subramaṇya. After some time, you will certainly attain stability in life and in spiritual line.