Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 01 Dec 2022


Swami answers the questions by Shri Divakar

1. How can I strengthen my surrendering to You?

[Shri Divakar asked: Padnamskaram Swami, Kindly clarify my doubts as mentioned below swami, how can I strengthen my total surrendering to You swami?]

Swami replied:- Surrender to God must be natural and spontaneous. Attraction or devotion to God will bring the surrender simultaneously. Devotion comes more and more as the spiritual knowledge (details about the divine personality of God) is achieved by studying the spiritual knowledge radiated by Sadguru, who is the human incarnation of God. Knowledge generates theoretical devotion, which generates practical devotion. Knowledge is the water and theoretical devotion is the fertilizer. Practical devotion is the mango plant that yields the fruit. Surrender is another name of the divine fruit that appears on the practical devotion-mango plant.

2. Does an ordinary soul leading pravrutti with interest in God to fulfill the desires please You?

[I understood, how devotees like Meera and Radha in nivrutti pleased You through overcoming the strongest bonds but does the ordinary soul, which is leading a sincere pravrutti with a mere interest in God to fulfill their desires please You, and How?]

Swami replied:- Your question is like saying “Can the water intensify the fire?” If you are pouring pots of water on the fire, certainly the fire will be put off. You must try to reduce the quantity of water gradually so that finally a few drops of water falling on the fire will not extinguish the fire. At least in the beginning stage, you can start worshipping God with worldly desires. Something is better than nothing. In course of time, as you develop your interest on God, which is transformed to attraction, your problem becomes weaker and weaker and finally disappear.

3. How can I always be united with You in my corporate and professional life, even for minor activities?

Swami replied:- In your leisure time, try to study the knowledge from My website. That will develop the path to get associated with God.

4. Should I believe in shakunas like a black cat coming opposite me when I start my journey, etc.?

[Should I still believe in shakunas like a black cat coming opposite to me when I am starting my journey and a Lizard falling on my head etc., as everything happens only due to Your will? Regards, Your servant, Divakar.]

Swami replied:- Since you have not reached the climax of devotion, try to follow these traditions.