Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Jan 2022


Swami, please accept me as Your disciple.

[Shri Jayesh Pandey asked: 1. Dandvat pramaanam Datta Swami! May more people come to know about You and Your divine knowledge. And everyone become the recipient of Your forgiveness, love and grace. Datta! When our mind, representing Ma Sita, is trapped inside the worldly pleasures cage, deeming to be called Ashoka Vatika, it goes through so much pain and hardships. It weeps for Your help, Your forgiveness and Your grace. The mind pleads You to come and break the shackles of worldly life and take it with You where it finds everlasting bliss and love. But after so many efforts, when our mind loses all its hope and become suicidal. You appear as Hanuman Ji, the Sadguru, dropping the ring of the Lord which is perceivable to our eyes and also a direct and pratyaksha proof of Your arrival in our life. When would You drop the ring for me Datta? Is it still too early for me? Am i still not fully sprouted and cleansed? How long Datta would You still wait. How long? Dandvat pramaanam to Swami ji! And to His beloved and revered devotees!

2. Dandvat Pranaamam Datta! May You bless us all not only to receive but also digest Your spiritual knowledge and propagate it successfully forward unconditionally, by Your grace. Datta! In Your last answer to my question, in the very last sentence, You said if i accepted You as my guru. I'am here to put up my case regarding the same. Datta, I would like to apologise You for being greedy and selfish here! If i accept You as my guru then, as You say i would be like a baby monkey clinging to bosoms of his mother, and therefore i would be responsible for all my actions. But if You accept me as Your Shishya, out of sheer unadulterated love, then my case would be like the cub in the mouth of his mother cat, and the mother would be responsible for all the actions of his cub. In the Samudra Manthan, the Mandara parvat; depicting all us jeevas; was unable to float by itself in the Ksheer sagar; depicting Your wonderfully unimaginable maya which always controlls us jeevas. You took the form of kurma; depicting the sadhguru: the embodiment of love, power, compassion, bliss and divine spiritual knowledge; and bore the weight of Mandara parvat; that is Us jeevas, on Your back. After all this, the churning of ocean could begun by the daityas and devas; depicting our vasanas; everything which came out as a result was surrendered at Your feet, be it Ma Lakshmi depicting the greatest materialistic welfare; or kasturba Gem depicting Your unimaginable power; or even the great Halahal poison depicting the fear of death of ego was surrendered at Your feet. Finally, the Divine nectar of immortality appeared which was also surrendered at Your feet depicting total dissolution of ego, complete surrender and unimaginable love to God. Therefore, i would request You to accept me as Your Shishya and not me doing the otherwise. You are more equipped than me for bearing my responsibility along with the entire creation. I tried to post this in this manner only to awaken Your love for me. Sorry for Your time Datta, and everyone out there doing the hard work. Dandvat pranaanam to You Datta and to Your beloved devotees!

3. I did not light ghee lamp today in front of Shiv linga. I pray that i did not do anything wrong, Swami! I asked this Swami because both the Vedas and the Agamas are Shrutis. In Vigyan Bhairava Tantra, there are numerous ways given for worshipping of Shivji which includes burning of fire lamps of different materials like ghee, oils etc. Forgive me if i have mistaken in putting my facts, and also for sending two mails. Dandvat Pranaamam to Swami ji! And to His loving devotees!]

Swami replied:- I am accepting you as My disciple and I am ordering you to recite Hanuman Chalisa as many number of times as possible for five more years. After five years, Hanuman ji will drop His ring for you. You need not worry about the lamps before God Shiva. The expenditure done by you to lit the lamps before God can be used to feed a hungry beggar or a hungry living being. Do not believe these books on Tantra, which are written by some ignorant human beings only. Before you do anything, do sharp logical analysis and then only implement it (Jñātvā kurvīta karmāṇiGītā).