Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Sep 2021


Wasn't Satii born as Goddess Paarvatii in her next birth and reached Lord Shiva to become His wife?

[Smt. Priyanka asked: This question is related to a Gopika called Chadralekha, about whom we learned recently from Your discourse. You mentioned that Chandralekha was the incarnation of Goddess Satii. My doubt is, wasn't Satii Devi born as Goddess Paarvatii in her next birth, who reached Lord Shiva to become His wife? Can it be considered that Satii Devi’s soul reincarnated as Paarvatii Devi's soul? Or is it that a soul acquires a new set of qualities with each birth, making it different, thereby making Paarvatii Devi's soul (bundle of qualities) different from Satii Devi's soul (bundle of qualities)? Shri Krishna Avataram happened much later after Lord Shiva and Goddess Paarvatii got married. Is there a specific reason You said Chandralekha was the incarnation of Sati and not Paarvatii Devi?]

Swami Replied:- When a soul gets some divine quality without any effort, we can assume that such soul is incarnation of the soul having that quality in predominance. Raadhaa means a continuous stream of devotion and any soul having such continuous stream of devotion to God can be the incarnation of Raadhaa. The predominant quality that is not attained by any effort decides the concept of incarnation. There may be some other different qualities attained from the new atmosphere of fresh birth. Even in an incarnation of God, qualities change as per the requirement of the programme. Even if the qualities are changed, we say that a specific soul is incarnation of God from the view of the innermost essence.